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PC/Battle.net United Kingdom 49

Main characters that i love playing are Reinhardt and Winston. Too be honest am quite chilled out and easy going, what i'd like is for a team that i can play with that are quite bounded (and pretty sk...
PC/Battle.net United States 74

aye just looking for some funny and cool people to have some fun with. don't add me if you have problems playing with a girl or no sense of humors (^: anyone welcomed.
PC/Battle.net United States 295

Hi I'm a Mercy main with a 50.9% win rate according to masteroverwatch.com, I can also play Mei, D.va & Tracer. I'm looking for a team of people to play with to climb out of Gold. I am free most days ...
Xbox One United States

Looking for a couple of people in competitive to climb out of silver. Mostly play phara or lucio but flex when the team needs something. Xbox one. 13+ with good communication and no toxicity
PlayStation 4 United States 86

Looking for good team to play together
PC/Battle.net United States 204

I want a team to play with, Can play a lot. Like having fun xD
PC/Battle.net United States 96

im looking for nice people to play casual and sometimes competitive with! preferably girls because im a girl, but if you're chill then it doesn't matter. i use my mic but usually just on discord, i do...
PC/Battle.net United States

We are group of 5, looking for 1 more person to play ranked with. You must be at least 2500 SR (Platinum). PC Players ONLY. Looking mainly for someone who can play Rein / Roadhog / Zarya. If you ca...
PC/Battle.net United States 249

Looking for a team or a couple of players to climb with. I am currently 3037 SR and i play mostly rein orad and zarya. Add me at IntenseMcNapkin#1891 on battle.net or msg me here so we can talk!
PC/Battle.net United States

The internet is a terrible place, but this corner of it is pretty fun and chill and we'd like to keep it that way. - O3K64 (CC337 Mod) Hello! I'm Ansir#11500, and I'm a member of Charlie Company 33...
PC/Battle.net United States

Masters level Flex player, I play Roadhog and ana to a very high level in my opinion, but I play any off tanks, dps, and widow/mei, Season high of 3795, current 3635. I am available everyday all day e...
PC/Battle.net United States 90

Need help getting out of silver. my rank is 1654 just need a team or person to grind out of silver.

  • BuzzOli...

    1 hour ago


    Need Group

    Looking for people to have fun with or be Competitive. Good all around, message me!

  • MoistAd...

    2 hours ago



    Anyone need an extra d.vax JunkRat or healer?

  • ShadesO...

    2 hours ago


    Group needed

    Looking for 2 people who are in gold and willing to grind. Looking for DPS or Flex

  • Mr Too ...
    Mr Too Lucky

    3 hours ago


    Need a healer

    Need a healer not a Lucio within 2,00-2,500 Sr msg main and Sr for invite.

  • Firstse...

    5 hours ago


    ELO Hell

    Looking for a group to play and hopefully climb rank with/Dropped to 1600 SR/Best at Pharah/Soldier/Tracer/Zarya/Rein/D.va/Hog/Ana/Mercy/Lucio.