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PC/Battle.net Hungary

Looking to play for fun :) Have experience with other fps games, very little with overwatch.
PlayStation 4 United States

We are a PlayStation overwatch competitive team looking for anybody gold and above! We like to have fun but also be coordinated and strategize our games to win and rank up! So if you're interested in ...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

2100 currently, gold. I play all types of hero. Only looking for someone who still has their h key bound. 15 years old, and I have a mic if you want me to use one. I also have a young voice. Message ...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hey! Im looking for someone to play a few comp matches with, im a DPS main (Tracer, Soldier or sometimes pharmercy) My sr is 2835, will play with anyone 2750+. Yes, i do have a high voice considering ...
PC/Battle.net Germany

I'm looking for a group or for a individual person who want to play Competetive around the 3000~ MMR. Usually I play what is needed, if not, I may play one of the below heroes.
PC/Battle.net United States

Hello. I'm a dps fill player. My strongest heros are Pharah Roadhog and Sombra. I'm looking for well coordinated tank and support players. Last season I was in Plat but this season I placed in high go...
PC/Battle.net Germany

Im looking for a group or a team to play competitive ranked. Im currently at 3k SR and 17 years old add me here: cyonZ#2215
PC/Battle.net Sweden

Looking for a team that is around the same skill level as i am (2000+). I am not looking for teams that are toxic/racist/homophobic since i am mainly looking for a team that is looking to improve at t...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hey, I'm Strakk. I am here to help people find friends, people to play Overwatch with and a place they can chill out in, and our discord group Overcord supplies all of this. We currently have 50+ memb...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Looking to find players to play ranked/competitive with. I am currently plat with about 2530 SR and hoping to go back into plat. I am hoping to find people at around 2200 SR+ who are willing to try an...
Xbox One United Kingdom

I am in gold atm, my sr is 2280 atm. I am looking for a decent healer, preferably mercy or Anna to rank up with and/or a tank. I also would like a decent genji.
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hello, I am Caston or Michael and I am the Founder of TEAMwildFIRE. I have been working with and for wildfire for around 4 and a half Years since October 2012 and hoping I can bring it to Overwatch. ...

  • KILLARA...

    12 minutes ago


    Looking for people to play with

    I'm 14, lvl 50, lookin for people the same age to play with

  • KILLACA...

    3 hours ago



    Be fle and 2600+

  • lily#12...

    11 hours ago




  • rabbidb...

    14 hours ago


    LFM Gold to Plat/Comp

    Lucio/Mei/Winston/Soldier are my top 4, made it from 1600 to 2250 so far this season and ready to push harder! Looking for a daily, weeknight team long-term if possible but up for anyone with mics and good coordination. Username: rabbidbeaver#1728

  • iiibenx...

    20 hours ago


    Need more for comp

    Sick of playing games where teammates throw, me and my mate (2006 and 1307) looking for players who want to actually win games