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Xbox One United States

We are looking for a flex tank main in mid plat or low diamond.We are also looking for an Ana or Lucio main at mid plat or low diamond(preferably an ANA).We play for fun but also take comp seriously. ...
Xbox One United States

I am looking for a team that is willing to coordinate and climb the ranks. I am currently silver, but I can work well with a good team and I am sure we can climb. I play tank, but I am willing to play...
PC/Battle.net United States

Looking for season 5 team.Season 4 high was 2964 solo que and I know I could go higher.Main Widow,Sombra,Reaper,Phara,Dva,Mercy,Symmetra but I can pretty much play anyone.Its best to play with me over...
PC/Battle.net United States

Casually Competitive? All in for Arcade? Looking for some fun, active, non toxic, but also sometimes sarcastic and always welcoming players to group with? Do you have actual adulting to do that you...
PC/Battle.net United States

IF YOU HAVE AN SR 2000+ PLEASE READ. Hey there, my name is Benny and I am the founder of a brand new gaming organization Banned Gaming. I am looking to put together 3 teams. 1) Professional(Prim...
PC/Battle.net United States

Hello, I currently have a team of 5 dedicated players (I am the manager) with practice and scrims scheduled. We are looking to fill one important spot. We need a dedicated healer that can play multipl...
PC/Battle.net United States

404 : Team Not found is looking for a Main tank and an Off-tank. We practice 3 times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our team is very serious about improving; therefore we need non-toxic, co...
PC/Battle.net United States

I have an SR around 1900, I want to play with a full team to get better for season 5. I am a flex, but I mainly play Ana, Reinhardt, Winston, Lucio, other supports, and Genji. Gamertag: WolferTamer#15...
PC/Battle.net United States

Looking for a clan/community? Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms, to provide them Head Quarters (w...
PC/Battle.net United States

Hello! I am a dps and hitscan player i want a diamond team. Msg me if you have a team and looking for a dps/hitscan on your team. Sloth#12149
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Foresight Alliance is a Discord gaming community. We recenly opened an Overwatch Section and are looking for members to help the section grow. If you are looking for people to play with, apply now if...
PC/Battle.net Sweden

Haj! My name is Sara and I'm looking for someone to farm some lootboxes. I mostly just play mystery heroes because winning doesn't matter. :)

  • Raicer9...

    10 hours ago


    ranked 2260SR

    Hi, I'm looking for german/english speaking mates between silver and diamond

  • Shirker...

    11 hours ago


    New account

    New ps4 so i need to start over, was originally platty

  • Ptimous...

    14 hours ago


    plat to diamond

    Hello, I m a main tank, currently at 2600, i play on a 2900 elo with friends, and I want to find people with a lower rank to get me in hight plat or diamond :)

  • Anubis#...

    20 hours ago


    hi pls read

    Hello! i am a dps genji main looking for a 4-6 stack 1900 sr looking for gold players ( 2000 - 2400 sr ) i can flex pretty well

  • APinchO...

    1 day ago


    Looking for Low/Mid silver players to play comp with

    My sr is at 1550 at the moment and ive lost 8 games in a row by soloqueueing and i'm sick of it. Looking for People with mics too.