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Alter: 34
PlayStation 4

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support

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I go by a host of names, Mamers, Edoya, and shamefully t3chmommy. 32 year old woman in Elk Grove, california whose roommates sometimes kidnap the controller when I'm not home to hang out on Overwatch. Its a bummer I can't play with my buddies on PC and xbone so I'm looking to make some gaming friends on the PS4 network for overwatch. When not playing, I have a terrible habit of raid healing on WoW, or destroying people in hearthstone. I've been playing FPS since 1993 or so and used to play on the original xbox on live as MeRcEnAnGel and was known in the Rainbow Six scene back when the game was more new. Feel free to comment below and add me, I promise not to bite (too hard!). I have a corrupted sense of humor and I would like to find buddies who talk on mics but aren't 6 years old.


I have owned the game since launch. Been playing games since 1988 with pride from Atari and NES to current consoles. My experience in FPS begins with Doom and Wolfienstein 3D when they were popular. Moved on after that to the Quake scene and then Counter-strike. After that on the Original Xbox, I played on live mainly in FPS and on several clans for Rainbow Six series, Halo series, and various other games not worth mentioning. From there, I fell back mainly into my experience in RPGs and later moved to MMOs at launch of WotLK for World of Warcraft. Used to be a raid healer for DIVINITY on KT (Priest - Disc) in MoP and early WoD (they were ranked when I primarily played with them as 8th in North Americas, 49 in World rankings with world first kill on Heroic-SoO with the Dark Shaman fight. Around the last 2 years I picked up FPS games again with COD, which I found a breeze and finally Overwatch. I am proud to be a filthy casual.


Feel free to add my Battletag to your friend's list!

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