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I'm an Offense player with a wide hero pool for the job. I can play some tanks well also. I can opperate as a main DPS with the group pushing payload, or as a flanker trying to move their sniper or ca...

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WA State player. Competetive history in RTS, mainly WC3. Strong drive to grind it out and get stronger. I've learned a lot of different games. FPS, RTS, MobA, fighting, and many more. I have a strong skillset when it comes to learning and study. Teams looking for a good influence on how to study videos, strategies, or meta-game should consider me as a mentor for that role. My Master Overwatch page holds up fairly well for a DPS. I did not participate in the Overwatch Beta, but main a top 20k score per minute as a new player with lots of room still for personal growth. Team Owners: I have had a few teams ask me what my availability is. My availability is from 8:00am-11:00pm Eastern Time Monday-Friday, and all-day on Weekends.


Played since release. Grew up on Quake 3 and CS1.6 My forte has been with offense type heroes. Specifically Soldier 76 and McCree for payload maps, and Tracer for KotH. As for my plans for the future, I am looking to add Genji and Widowmaker to my hero pool next. I think in Overwatch it is extremely important to be flexable in your hero choices, especially for Damage roles so I will continue to be able to fill a variety of functions within that role.

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