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PC/Battle.net United States 241

looking for serious team or players to climb the ranks and get to master and above... im currently a diamond, and play a lot of lucio but am flexible with other heroes as well.
PC/Battle.net United States

The Art of Warfare has been around since Delta Force in 2001 we formed and we've built a community up to around 2500 members currently. I'm here recruiting for NA and EU overwatch division in TAW, we ...
PC/Battle.net United States 60

I am looking for anyone who wants to have fun playing quick play or arcade. My main is Junkrat but I can play any hero that is needed. I am a person who just wants to have fun. :)
PC/Battle.net Netherlands 111

just looking for a fun team to do some casual or comp with voice communication would be good too:3 including my stats here http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/shared/8ccf9871b1271193
PC/Battle.net Germany 253

I mostly play Genji (over 100+ hours), Roadhog if Genji does not work and Soldier. Also Mei occasionally. I am Plat right now (2872SR atm). I do care about rank. But more than anything I really ju...
PC/Battle.net United States 189

I am a Reinhardt/tank suppot flex looking some people to play as a serious group that can play Overwatch regularly, I ended season 3 platinum 2565.
PC/Battle.net United States 536

Peak 3639 SR (across two accounts) Hi, I'm Yibu! Taiwanese/Japanese. Speak english and a little mandarin-chinese. Currently a university student into competitive Overwatch. Looking to find a fun yet...
PC/Battle.net France 239

Looking for a team with players who got competitive experience. Was 4125 SR in S3. Can speak french and english. Can play with a large hero pool. https://i.imgur.com/a76On8U.png Can play in EU onl...
PC/Battle.net Russian Federation 62

rein only started playing in 2017 peaked at 2570 timezone utc +7 discord oumae#3878
PC/Battle.net United States 86

LFT that needs a support main (I can also Flex DPS if needed)! My SR is around 2200 so I am just looking for a team that will put in the work, practice together, and climb together (and look for onlin...
PC/Battle.net United States 615

Looking for a team to play with both in quick play and competitive. Possibly to participate in tournaments as well. I am a tank player with more than 50+ hrs with Reinhardt in competitive total. I use...
PC/Battle.net United States

Looking for a clan/community? Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms, to provide them Head Quarters (w...

  • NDEnoch

    10 minutes ago



    I Am looking for tank and healer mains to join up with me i have people who can flex and play DPS. Looking mainly for people who play Ana or lucio

  • jukkepl...

    3 hours ago


    i need team

    i need team to win comp match

  • Sweetfa...

    1 day ago


    3200 who plays with 3500+

    Looking for a team or others to play with. At 3000 now, was at 3200, played with 3500+. Zarya/Soldier Main can play any character

  • ScrubNu...

    1 day ago


    Looking for a team

    I'm a gold player who mains support and tank and prefer people who don't curse

  • Timeles...

    1 day ago



    Looking for a solid group