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PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

One Shot One Kill (OSOK) Gaming is a team orientated Multi-gaming group filled with players from around the globe, our number one goal is to bring people from all over the globe together by all sharin...
PC/Battle.net Netherlands

Hanzo main looking for players (or a team) to play comp with. My sr is 2300 atm. Microphone required!! I'm done with random teams and toxic players or players who don't talk ingame. I'm a main hanzo b...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hey I'm Callum, I'm looking to make a team of people who play overwatch and want to climb but also can piss around and have some fun. I am at 2521 rn. If you can have some fun and want to climb join m...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hey i'm Callum. I'm looking for someone to duo queue. I am currently at 2521 SR. If you want to play some chill comp but also climb add me on battle net and whisper me when you want to play.
PC/Battle.net United States

- Hi! - Looking for a free boost? If you are stuck below Diamond, I am willing to help you out. - I am Ina and I am 20 years old. I am from a small country in Europe and I only play on NA and I...
PC/Battle.net United States

Hello, I currently have a team of 4 dedicated players (I am the manager) with practice and scrims scheduled. We are looking to fill two spots. We need a dedicated healer and DPS. If you can flex, it i...
PC/Battle.net United States

IF YOU HAVE AN SR 2000+ PLEASE READ. Hey there, my name is Benny and I am the founder of a brand new gaming organization Banned Gaming. I am looking to put together 3 teams. 1) Professional(Prim...
PC/Battle.net United States

Looking for a clan/community? Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms, to provide them Head Quarters (w...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

[PC][3800+]Looking for a dedicated team who are competitive and want to climb the ranks. I mainly play support (Mercy) but can also play tanks.
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

[MASTERS+] Team Vortex is a brand new, dedicated e-sports gaming team motivated to deliver players an unforgettable experience as they work there way up the ranks and progress to higher level play wit...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hi I'm Ben I main reaper but I'm flexale I can play any role I can play Lucio mercy tracer sombre Hanoi rienhart
PlayStation 4 United States

Hello! I am looking for a team to play competitive with. I am a pretty flexible player ranked at a season high of 2025 solo queue and a level 170. I am laid back and positive and have good internet co...

  • technov...

    14 hours ago


    Looking for group

    Mid bronze player looking for group to play competitive with

  • rabbidb...

    17 hours ago


    LFM Gold to Plat/Comp

    Tracer/Ana/Mei/Winston are my top 4, made it to 2356 this season high and ready to push harder! Looking for a daily, weeknight team long-term if possible but up for anyone with mics and good coordination. Username: rabbidbeaver#1728

  • Hampebo...

    17 hours ago



    Hi, I'm looking for a group to play with in competetive. I'm in lvl 26 right now but have played on ps4 before. My skill rating is 1900<. I play Ana lucio rein d.va soldier mostly.

  • blindsn...

    19 hours ago


    looking to join a comp team

    Hello, I am looking for a group of guys to play competitive overwatch with regularly. I am currently at SR 3045 and can play pretty much any character. So if you're looking for someone to play with then hit me up on Xbox. gt: blindsniper6523

  • Panikal...

    1 day ago


    Looking for team in Comp

    looking for Comp team hit me up!