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PC/Battle.net United States

3500 Dps/Ana main looking for a team. Looking to group up with some cool people because solo que can get boring. Am almost always on and want to be on a serious team. Add me on BNET Flick#11331
PC/Battle.net United States

Hello, everyone! Looking for a regular set of users to team up with? If so, we’d like to invite you to Retrograde Gaming—a gaming community established for casual, professional, unseasoned...
PC/Battle.net United States

[PC/NA] [Diamond only] Hello all! We are looking for a DPS/Flex player and a Tank main to form our second 6-stack. ***Please make sure your stats are showing on MasterOverwatch / Ov...
PC/Battle.net United States

Hello, we are a competitive team currently looking to fill some positions. You need to be serious about joining a 'competitive team', and shares the values listed below. Regular commitment will be re...
PC/Battle.net United States

Looking for a competent Team to do play competitive for season 5 onward and comb ranks. Currently at 2656 SR. Very strong on Mercy and Reinhardt. Able to play Zarya, Ana and Zenyatta if needed.
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hi. We are some people looking to play competitive Overwatch.
PC/Battle.net United States

Looking to finish our team for season 5 and the overwatch contender in less than a week. Spots remaining open are tanks/flex. Please be between 3000-4000 SR. looking to practice as much as we can this...
Xbox One United States

I Have A Team Named Needed.We Play Ladders. We Have 4 Player Right Now. Here Are Our Requirements And Roles We Need Requirements: -Mic -Plat Or Above -At Least 13 YR Old Here Are The Roles We Ne...
PlayStation 4 United States

Must have a microphone.
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Hey, I'm Strakk. I am here to help people find friends, people to play overwatch with and a place they can chill out in. Our discord group Overcomp supplies all of this. Players of all skill tiers and...
PC/Battle.net United Kingdom

Looking to find players to play ranked/competitive with. I am currently plat with about 2530 SR and hoping to go back into plat. I am hoping to find people at around 2200 SR+ who are willing to try an...
Xbox One United States

Great Lucio, Phara, and Roadhog. Looking for some level headed and and positive players

  • LegitNe...

    5 hours ago


    Road to Platinum before season ends

    I need a team to carry me to platinum so I can get my golden weapon. I'm currently at 2100 and would love to achieve this rank.

  • Michael...

    13 hours ago



    Hello i'm a kid im looking for a group/person to play with im 1569 sr or maybe lower so i need one. Please dont make fun on me

  • Squirtl...

    15 hours ago


    Platinum competitive player

    I am a Pharah, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Soilder, Ana main in comp. I am looking for a Zarya main that also wants to climb out of Platinum.

  • Robyl3

    15 hours ago


    Dive Comp

    Hi i am a lucio main and im currently at `1800sr. Im looking for a person who can play ana, a person who can play genji, a person who can play zarya, and someone who can play winston. Just warning you before you join, i'm thirteen

  • Alvatar...

    1 day ago


    Widowmaker main asks for any tank main.

    I want people for fun and for any ranked in 4 or 5 days im main widowmaker, anna, zenyatta and reaper. Españoles aqui.