Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website?

Find Overwatch is a player and team finding platform, designed specifically for Overwatch. We want to help players find teams, and teams find players.

Why did I get a confirm your email address email?

Confirming your email address helps prove the validity of your account, and although not required to use the website, there could be restrictions on accounts who haven't in the future.

What is my date of birth used for?

Your date of birth is used to display an age on your profile and on posts. We will never share your date of birth with anyone and it is not visible anywhere on the website.

Please be aware that searching for a player on Master Overwatch is case sensitive Go to the website and search until your profile is found, then use that exactly how it is on Find Overwatch.

There's also a chance Master Overwatch are denying our requests to search for a player. If this is the case, we can generate PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live links, but not

How do I get my player/team posts to the top of the list?

Click you username in the top right hand corner, then manage posts. You can bump your post once every 24 hours.

How can I get in touch with support for the website?

For support please email [email protected]