• Azguf

    9 hours ago


    Plat to diamond

    I am looking for platinum players that have been diamond in the past to get to high diamond. I main mercy and I'm looking for another support 2 tanks and 2 dps

  • vEIevat...

    15 hours ago



    i play dps ana and mercy. need serious players for a sr climb. im 2800 but should be 3200. msg me on ps4. vEIevated but the l is a capitol i

  • purpled...

    1 day ago


    COMP we mean well I promise PLZ help

    top 300 d.va with over 300 hours team mostly mains DPS and the occasional healer/tank looking for a team of all round players mostly healers though ;) Were a three stack thats mid plat to low diamond plz send friend request w/ details

  • rabbidb...

    2 days ago


    LFM Gold to Plat/Comp

    Tracer/Ana/Mei/Winston are my top 4, made it to 2356 this season high and ready to push harder! Looking for a daily, weeknight team long-term if possible but up for anyone with mics and good coordination. Username: rabbidbeaver#1728