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25 years old

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support

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I am from Virginia Beach, VA. So Eastern Time. I really enjoy playing Overwatch because of the diverse characters and style of playing. From quick play friendlies to competitive, there is a huge experience gap that makes the game difficult but exciting to play. I was hoping to play with my friends daily when the game came out, but due to school and work schedules they became busy and I was climbing the ladder solo. I started to do more competitive play in season 2 because I had more free time and the game was more balanced. Since season 2 is about to end, I was hoping to find a team to join for season 3 that I can play from bi-weekly to daily. My main priorities is to find a group of players that wants to be friends, play arcade, custom, and competitive play, and have fun. Characters I love to play in Overwatch are Ana and D.VA.


I got Overwatch the week the game came out. I have not been in any teams before besides playing with my friends, which happened on rare occasions. This is considered my first FPS game on PC, which I have adapted to keyboard and mouse fairly quickly. I have played Halo and COD on XBOX 360, but was not as competitive as Overwatch.


Since season 2 is practically over, I am looking to join a team of players for competitive match season 3. I was climbing the ladder of season 2 solo because my group of friends that I play with were busy. I want to join a group of players that are casual, but at the same time competitive so that we can have fun but at the same time climb up the ladder. The best way to contact me is to message me on battlenet or email. My SR for season 2 is Platinum, currently at 2711. It's been difficult getting out of Platinum because I encountered many players who were either toxic, not playing, and/or not communicating. Hope to join a team that likes to play causal and have fun, but at the same time be competitive.

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