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16 years old
PlayStation 4

North America
United States

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Flex / Tank / Support

About Me

Hi I'm DR_Ingram112 or just Ingram for short. I'm from San Antonio, TX in America I'm looking for a team who are fun easy to get along with and that are looking to do the same thing as me to play competitive and get better the more we play. For Overwatch I'm a Zen main but i also have some experience with Mei as the character i play second most and Winston would be my third pick. But I can play anything. I always try to be a good sport and try my hardest in matches. And yes I do have a mic.


I have been playing overwatch sense it came out but after about a month i had a falling out and got bored until ranked play came out. I did not compete in the first season but I did at the end of the second season. At the end of season 2 i was about 1550 (about). I have also never been on any other team before i have always wanted to but never had the guts to talk to some and ask if I could join there team. For other games like overwatch that I have played I have 240 hours put into tf2 but none with a team.


Hi i'm DR_Ingram112 or just call me Ingram for short. First i'd like to thank you for looking at my post second if you want to know more about me look at my profile I go into some more detail for what I am looking for. To cut to the chase I want to be part of a team who are fun easy to get along with and are will to work as hard as every one else to get to the top. I'd like to play ranked and competitive with a team. The characters I main is Zen my back up is Mei and my back up, back up is Winston but i am flexible and be what you want me to be. Once again thanks for looking at my post and if you would like to contact me send a message on ps4 to DR_Ingram112 (exactly like that) or shoot an email to dingram2001@gmail.com thanks and have a great day.

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