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15 years old

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support

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I like Overwatch, want to become pro and want to play in tournaments and scrims.


I have owned Overwatch since one month after release and have been around since Season One, I aswell am Level 192, and a high gold. I am looking for a team to join as I want to reach higher ranks and one day maybe become pro as that is a goal for me as it has always been ever since I used to play Counter-Strike Global Offensive, I learned call-outs understanding what things did and actually was close to making it to Gold Nova before playing Overwatch.


My name is Hydra and I am looking for a team for the long run I am usually always online and play the game almost everybody, I'm just allergic to solo-queue. I main Zarya but can play other heroes and I am fine with that, the heroes I can play in a list shortened are these. All DPS besides Sombra. All Tanks besides D.Va and Roadhog. All Supports besides Ana and Symmetra. I am looking for a team in the long run to make friends but as well become high ranked and play Overwatch at a high ranked level. You can contact me on Battle.net at Hydra#12301, or Discord at Hydra#9957, any other voice used program is fine I can get it. I have aspirations of becoming a pro player and honestly of course playing professionally it's what I want to do. I am currently a high gold in Season 3 despite demolishing my placements 9-1, which my rank is 2433. In Season 2 I was 2506 but had to stop playing waiting for my old team. Lastly in Season 1 I was 44, only maining Mercy and Lucio at the time.

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  • DrFajitas

      1 year ago

    We have competitive teams varying in several SR ratings from high ELO[3500] to lower ELO, currently around 30~ members and looking to add more to the Division. Feel free to message me on the site or in game, Thanks! DrFajitas#11779 http://taw.net/