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26 years old

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support

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My name is Caitlin and I was excited for Overwatch and here for the beta since the moment it came out. This is my first shooter but I have focused very hard to be good at it.


I've been here since the closed beta and I've never had a team to play with. I have played 12 hours in quickmatch on every character except Sombra. Yet no matter what I do I never win. I don't know what I am supposed to do.


I have been playing since the closed beta yet I never win no matter how hard I try. People tell me I suck constantly but I truly don't think I do. I think I need a team that will work with me. Look at how long I've practiced in Quickmatch. Now I just need a group that communicates and tries and switches characters so we can actually win. Please, please help me. I can't take this anymore. I switch at any time, I will do whatever you ask me to do, I am willing to call out ultimates and talk in mic and everything. I will call what I see, sometimes I get frustrated if I am doing bad but it isn't anything personal I just have bad confidence and feel like I've let myself down. Other than that I'd love to play with some fun folk that will work with me and teach me how to be a good teammate, cuz I truly try to be, I think of my team before myself and before kills.

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  • ItsJesse

      1 year ago

    Hey I'm looking for some more people to play comp matches with. I solo queue to much and it's not helping my rank. Add me up if you want.

  • hipst3rsalad

      1 year ago

    I recently created a team and I'm recruiting players to fill out a rotation to play competitively. We'll be running tryouts soon. Message me if interested. Thanks. Team Automatic

  • FrostyIsHawt

      1 year ago

    I'd love to play with you, let me know when and we can try and win some matches. Added you on