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19 years old

United Kingdom

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DPS / Support

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Hi, I'm Alixya and I live in the UK! I recently got a decent computer, and before that I mainly played on PS4. I bought Overwatch after seeing many other people playing it and thinking, "Damn, that looks fun!" (let me tell you, best £30 I've ever spent on a game). Since I bought the game - which was maybe 1-2 weeks before the end of season 1 - I've been playing mainly Quick Play, and I'm starting to get a bit... fed up of it. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game but there's only so much you can do in quick play before you hit a limit which you can't really improve beyond. I currently go to school, meaning I am available most evenings from around 1800-2300, but that can vary slightly depending on the circumstances.


As I said, I bought the game maybe 1-2 weeks before S1 ended. Other than that Overwatch is my first proper online FPS game, and I absolutely love the diverse range of match-ups and abilities that make it so unique compared to many other FPS games. I've never been in a proper team before, and when I solo queue the DPS slots are always the first to go, meaning I get stuck being a support (I can live with that to be fair) or a relatively useless tank (can't play tank to save my life). Just as an extra side note, I mainly play Genji. I feel as though I'm far more efficient with him that any other heroes, and a lot of times when I've needed to play tank at the start I'll eventually switch to Genji, which always seems to work out a lot better.


LF some other players to play comp with! My SR is currently sitting around 2000, because of the way S3 placements worked (fun), but I'm slowly working my way back up in Solo Queue. Looking to play in a team of 4-5 (maybe full premade), mainly because my most efficient role is DPS which is often the first role to be filled in Solo Queue. As for my mains, I'll be most efficient as Genji (been practicing a bit of Tracer too - still got a way to go though), but I can occasionally play Lucio if needed. I can also play Ana, but I wouldn't say I'm good enough with her to class her as a main hero. Contact me via Battle.Net ~ Alixya#2704 Here's a quick compilation of some Genji highlights I've stuck together:

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