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Flex / Tank / Support

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Hello! My name is Nicolai and I am 21 years old. I am from Denmark however I am currently doing my Bachelors in International Business in Finland. I am fluent in Danish as well as English and know bits and pieces of quite a few other languages. I am levelheaded, outgoing, non-toxic and most importantly overly interested in Overwatch and the competitive scene.


I have owned this game since it came out and have played competitive in both season 1 and 2. I've had no serious competitive experience in the last few years however I used to play competitive cs 1.6 and now run a small gaming organisation in Denmark. I have played all the Counter-Strike games, league of Legends and have achieved above average results in all however I wish to truly become good at Overwatch and not just above average.


Hello all, As you can see from the title I wish to join a team after Christmas time is over. Now, why wouldn’t I want to join one straight away? I currently live in Finland and during December I’ll have a few exams and I will be going back to Denmark to visit my family for two weeks and would therefore not have the time to practice with a team during this time. Now a few facts about me. My name is Nicolai, I am 21 years old Danish guy, currently studying International Business in Finland. I have had competitive experience back in in CS-1.6, and played a fair amount of League of Legends, so I have decent experience in the FPS and MOBA genre. I have been playing Overwatch since the beginning however, only started to take competitive seriously starting season 2. In season 1 I ended up at 55 sr. In season two I started at 2501 and climbed to a final rank of 3580. Finally in season 3, I went from 3600 to my current rating at 4022. Since Diamond I have been playing soloQ as I did not have any friends around my skill level. I therefore feel that I have climbed the ranks by my own skills but still have much to learn. I consider myself a Main support with decent skills in the tank role, however the only dps I can play at a high level is Mcree. My mains would be Ana and Lucio, hereafter my Reinhart, Roadhog and Dva are quite good as well, however much are needed to be improved here. I wish to find an already established team in need of a +1. Reason for this is that I would like to jump into the competitive scene straight away rather than taking a long time to gather members for a full roster. I believe I can fit into many teams, I am humorous, open minded, willing to learn and good at taking as well as giving critique. Moreover, I do not flame, I am calm and cool headed and always try to cool down the team if things are looking to go down. So if anyone is looking for a final member, in the support/tank genre in the CET +1/+2, please do leave me a comment here and/or add my battlenet acc: xxGaard#2185 -Nicolai / xxGaard

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