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23 years old

North America
United States

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Support / Flex

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My expertise is with the Support classes as well as Zarya, Orisa, Reaper, Winston, Soldier 76, Mei, and Bastion. I time ultimates as well as I can. I also try to predict enemy ultimates as well. I do my very best to remain positive and to promote positive thinking to the rest of the team. One thing I'm fairly good at is getting into the back line of an enemy team which is why I'm picking up characters like Winston and Reaper. I am looking to climb rank with purpose. I am looking to take Overwatch competitive very seriously and I have multiple Vchat programs and can download one if I don't already have it. Allow me to prove myself to your team.


I have had the game since launch. During the first season I achieved rank 70. Season two I was absent due to a deployment with the US Navy. Third season I managed hit 2627. This last season I unfortunately dipped to 2278 due to just plain bad luck solo queing. As far as other FPS go I'm like many others who came over from the TF2 crowd. I've also played many other FPS games over the years.


I can play any support hero very well. My #1 would have to be Lucio. I can also flex with Zarya, Orisa, Reaper, Winston, Bastion, Mei, and Soldier. I'm looking to climb rank with purpose in a dedicated 6 stack. I have a mic and can call out situations, health, kills, and possible enemy ultimates. I can shot-call or just feed information to the team. Right now I'm doing my best to branch around in order to be a very flexible team member as shown with the number of heroes I can play. Allow me to prove myself to your team.

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    I recommend checking out its a great community full of competitive and casual gamers. We prioritize community first wanting to expand and progress the community each and every day. Add me for further questions Goopy#11723