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22 years old

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Support

About Me

Got the game day 2 and have been playing nearly every day since. I have previous FPS experience from thousands of hours in TF2 which has gotten my aim and awareness pretty good and it can only get better. Was on a few teams before for the clan I was in while playing tf2 but they never really got anywhere.


Looking for someone willing to practice in custom games with every day for 30 mins to an hour to improve aim and play together and get along with, I have mic and am just looking for chill nice people who don't rage and are willing to improve, I play mostly dps but if I need to heal pick zen or lucio, if I need to tank I pick zarya mostly and defense is Mei, I am good/decent with them but best as zen or dps. Looking for people who are 18 or older.


Looking for chill nice people to play games with as well as ranked when the next season starts, I have mic and am hoping to find some people I can click with who not only try to win but are willing to enjoy each others company as I see that the biggest thing of being able to perform well together as a team. I would prefer mainly playing dps as my acc is pretty high though tracking sites have yet to fix their issue to show I have already improved to casually getting 47%+ accuracy on mcree these past few days among other things. I can swap to and play others to an acceptable or good level and even better with more practice but right now my best I'm with is mcree.

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Quick Stats

233 Level
2363 Rank
43% Competitive Win
202 hours Quick Playtime
14 hours Competitive Playtime

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  • JEDX90

      6 months ago

    I'm in the process of setting up at discord server for casual and competitive players to match up. Mostly to stop having to solo q but also build a little community for the game, if you're interested message me here or on BNET(JEDX90#1711)