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24 years old

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex

About Me

T/TR I play from 1am until whenever. Weekends I play everynight from 7pm-10 then 1am until I get tired. I mainly play dps heroes mcree, reaper, tracer, and pharah. I'm a very aim based player who excels in hitscan but I understand hero comp and can play to certain circumstances. Can flex as zarya, roadhog, winston.


I first played Overwatch when they introduced the last stress test before the open beta. I come from a competitve fps based background. I primarily played the battlefield series and Counter Strike.


Primarily looking for another good DPS to duoq with. But I'm down to play with anyone of similar rank. Please if your lazy and don't want to communicate while playing don't hit me up. Have a dedicated mumble.

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  • ItsJesse

      1 year ago

    Hey if ya wanna team up sometime add me. I'm looking for more people to play in comps with and try rank up.

  • hipst3rsalad

      1 year ago

    I recently created a a team and I'm recruiting players to fill out a rotation for competitive play. Try outs will be held soon. Message me if interested. Thanks. Team Automatic

  • Regilis

      1 year ago

    I run a platinum team (2500+) that is in need of DPS players, if you're looking for a 4-6 stack. We play Evenings and Weekends. Communication and tactics are key. If interested, add me: Regilis#1658

  • Smexology

      1 year ago

    Hey, I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I mainly play DPS (Soldier, Reaper, McCree, Tracer), but also flex as Roadhog and Zenyatta when need be. I've got 2000+ hours in CS:GO, and 500+ between Battlefield games. Add me if you're down: Smexology#1250

  • JEDX90

      1 year ago

    I'm in the process of setting up at discord server for casual and competitive players to match up. Mostly to stop having to solo q but also build a little community for the game, if you're interested message me here or on BNET(JEDX90#1711)