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18 years old
PlayStation 4

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Support

About Me

Im a fan of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter and I love to draw and watch anime! Im also the founder and creator of the Late Night Crew.


My main hero is Solider: 76 and Bastion (Mostly best with 76) Im also the founder of my OverWatch group called the The Late Night Crew, If you'd like to join the team please contact me on PS4. We currently have 3 members! We're a small group who loves OverWatch and just wants to have fun on an amazing game!


Hello! My name is Asaki and I am currently starting a group called ThePhantomThieves...We're really not in Ranked plays and stuff like that, we're mostly a comedy and calm group of friends! If you'd like to join I would love to meet others who play this game! So please shoot me a message on PS4! My PS4 name is Wiess-Rose! And my kik is Kirito_Rose and Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a nice day!!

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Comments 3

  • Nashcar333

      8 months ago

    Hey! I'd love to join. If you guys ever think about playing ranked let me know. A friend of mine and I would love to have you and your friends. PSN is Nashcar333

  • Wynend

      1 year ago

    I know you guys have your own thing going, but I'd like to invite you guys anyway. We are putting teams together within Tactical Gaming. Check my profile for more info. Or you can contact TG-zZRZz on PSN and chat with him.

  • nicholasvvv3

      1 year ago

    Hey! I'd like to join. I'm looking for a good team becuade I'm sick of random matchups. Wondering if we would ever play ranked together because that's one of my main concerns atm. sounds like fun!