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16 years old

North America
United States

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Support / DPS

About Me

Just a normal teenager who lives in the middle of the pacific ocean. I love Overwatch because of the characters and their backstories, and of course because the game is super fun to play. I mainly want to get better at the game because I kinda suck. (^ ^;) And to make some friends to play with because none of my friends are gamers *cries*


Been playing the game since early July, and I've never been on any teams. I haven't really played any other FPS games, since I've only had my computer for like 6 months. So I'm maybe, kinda, sorta new to these type of games I guess.


Mainly just looking for people to play with in quick and competitive play, rather than just playing by myself all the time. Not sure how much I'll be able to play after summer is over, but I'm pretty sure I can play for a few hours at least. Feel free to send me a message here or on! ^^

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Quick Stats

336 Level
2192 Rank
43% Competitive Win
288 hours Quick Playtime
2 hours Competitive Playtime

Comments 4

  • Louish

      7 months ago

    I'd be down to play, I'm on mostly the entire day. Louish#11652

  • JEDX90

      7 months ago

    I'm in the process of setting up at discord server for casual and competitive players to match up. Mostly to stop having to solo q but also build a little community for the game, if you're interested message me here or on BNET(JEDX90#1711)

  • Instantsmile

      7 months ago

    I usually play nights, I use w/e voice is easiest and I'm always positive with play. I usually fill but as of late I've been Support/Tanking. Instantsmile#1553

  • AlanGregory

      7 months ago

    We should play some time! A few friends of mine are looking for some people to play with, but haven't had much luck. My battle ID is AlanGregory#1313 and my Discord is AlanGregory#3119. Just watch out for really dark senses of humor!