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PlayStation 4 Canada

Just want decent players to play with and understand the game. Play comp mostly, love to grind
PC/ United States

OFF TANK/ FLEX . Peak SR 3414 Looking for serious team interested in practices, scrims and tourneys. Here's my Overbuff account: Add me on Batt...
PC/ United States

Currently looking for a group to play with on Competitive, Don't mind what heroes you would want me to play as I can usually play everything equally. However I have the most hours as Solider 76 and I ...
PC/ United States

Maddie here! Recently transferred over to pc after a short while on xbox. I'm mainly focused on training and getting experience under my belt / honing my play styles before I even think about touching...
PC/ United States

"Fun discord community for players who truly enjoy playing Overwatch." Thank you for stumbling upon our Team advertisement! Hammer Down is an Overwatch discord community seeking active and positive...
PC/ United Kingdom

Hey i'm Callum. I'm looking for someone to duo queue. I am currently at 3kSR. If you want to play some chill comp but also climb add me on battle net and whisper me when you want to play.
PC/ Netherlands

Hello there, ATM I'm looking for a team who needs a soldier/reaper. What I expect of the team: - heroes are picked that are needed (example if they have Sym, a tank should pick winston) - n...
PlayStation 4 Costa Rica

Hi, well Id like find people to play with, also do some comp matches on ranks from silver to plat, I am a flex player I can play anything, and I also have a team so if for any reason you are intereste...
PC/ United States

Flex player just looking for some peeps to queue with. I typically want to overwatch but don't have anyone to queue with. I hover around 3000+ SR but typically decay because I lose interest without ha...
PC/ Georgia

GM tank/support main looking for people to play with arcade/qp and maybe a duoq partner for competitive.
PC/ United Kingdom

diamond/master player season 4-5 just got 3400 S7 looking for others to play with on EU servers.
PC/ Norway

hey looking for someone who are frendly and have mic cuz its fun whit mic cuz then we can talk and have fun :D
PC/ United States

Nutty reinhardt main. 2700SR looking for healer or dps main == add me == Johnson#12884
PC/ Canada

Looking for a mature team.
PC/ United States

Looking for season 7 team.Main Sombra,Widow,Reaper,Phara,Dva,Mercy,Symmetra but I can pretty much play anyone.Its best to play with me overnights 12am to 6am est or on a day off work because all I do ...
PC/ United States

Team leader for Masters Of Mayhem. Looking for friendly players interested in joining a semi competitive team for high quality gameplay with a group of friends. Join the discord server by adding me a...
PC/ United Kingdom

I am looking for friendly and fun people to play Overwatch with. However, I mainly play Quick Play and Arcade and have a lot of fun playing with others. I am usually available most of the time just...
PC/ Ireland

I am at ~2500 SR and looking for some people to play with in comp. I am looking for players who are flexible and are able to play at least 2 tanks/supports BattleTag Cosmicpotato#21668 ...