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PC/ Australia

Looking for players that use mic, play decent team composition, keen to play at platinum level.
PC/ United States

I am a Support main but I can play anything give to me . I currently hold the 24th most healing in a game with 35k and still lost that game. I would prefer a support role as I love healing ,it is very...
PC/ United States

Hi I am Spar7anPhoenix I am a support main, I play all healers. I have played for three teams called Mutations, FiveMinds, Flatline, and The Savages. I have been the shot caller for all four team...
PC/ United States

Currently 3800 Genji Soldier main, but can flex well. Looking for a serious team.
PC/ United States

Masters 3.8k Hitscan main looking for competitive team that will scrim multiple times a week and play in tournaments. add me at RoostyTV#1853 if interested (: Thanks
PC/ United States

Mainly a support player, but I also play alot of DPS and have a semi good accuracy with mccree. I'm currently looking for people to que with up to diamond and above, and maybe even compete in tourname...
Xbox One United Kingdom

im 14 and speak english, level 205ish main tracer but can play all dps and support looking to play any mode as long as people arnt toxic
PlayStation 4 United States

Ps4 Single player, looking for player to play with consistently throughout the week. Sometimes play quick or arcade, then competitive. Gold ranking player in competitive as well.
PC/ United States

Hello, My name is Jared and i live in Florida. Ive been playing games my entire life but mostly on PC. I started FPS's when i was 7 starting with Counterstrike Source. I am looking to join a team as a...
PC/ United States

Hoi! My name is Liz and I'm lookin for either a duo partner or a team. I have two accounts, my main is Axolizl#1822 that is currently in low master. I mainly play Mercy on that account, but I branch o...
PC/ Portugal

I speak english fluently, i mainly play Mercy and Zen. Trying to find someone or a team to play normals and to play competitive.
PC/ United States

I am looking for people or teams who want to get out of platinum/diamond and clime to the top with me. I will not flame others. i can play most every category of heroes. I main Rein,Lucio,Hanzo,Merc...
PC/ United States

Welcome, AgainstTheGrain Esports(ATG) is currently recruiting high caliber, dedicated players for it's roster. We are currently looking for all roles as well as a few subs. ATG esports is a newly fou...
PC/ United States

Flex player with mic and willing to call shots, I can get a little shy at times but as long as everyone is nice no discrepancies will be had. Please leave a comment or add me on Hope we ca...
PC/ United States

Lucio/Mei/Winston/Soldier are my top 4, made it from 1600 to 2250 so far this season and ready to push harder! Looking for a daily, weeknight team long-term if possible but up for anyone with mics and...
PC/ United States

I want to find players that has the same mindset as me. Climbing and keep climbing. Currently an ex-silver rank needing to get out of bronze. Proficient in dive-comp since I'm a Winston main; just che...
Xbox One United States

Looking for fun people to play with. Quick play, arcade, and sometimes comp. Already in a group with a friend, but we're down to make new friends that want to join us and make a fire team. Mains are s...
PC/ Hungary

Looking to play for fun :) Have experience with other fps games, very little with overwatch.