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PC/ Russian Federation 68

lf +-2k players to go ranked with! im very calm and flexible, all welcome and glhf in ranked! Discord l4dream#2154
PC/ Sweden 342

Looking for a decent dps around 3000-3500 to climb with. Want to get to Masters? I'm your man. I'm around 3000-3500
PC/ United States 426

Just looking for more friends to play with in quickplay and arcade. I don't really care about your rank so don't be intimidated by my SR. I also have a Discord server but I prefer to not use that unti...
PC/ United States 53

Looking to climb out of silver with some people who have fun, but are competitive. I'm an good player, ranked in silver but skill level is around a high gold. I haven't been able to get out of silver ...
PC/ United States 162

Looking to climb out of silver with open minded people who want to have fun, but want to win and take it seriously. I can pull my weight, I just need team mates I can trust to make the right choices a...
PC/ United States 36

Low rank Gold player looking for team or other NA English speaking players who want to start a team and/or duo queue (Preferably 18+). My first time playing ranked in a season so I'm still learning p...
PC/ United States 140

I'm not terribly serious, but I hate to lose..looking to improve. I am mostly pharah or soldier and play bad bastion or tobjorn.. willing to learn any tho.
PC/ United States 392

I'm looking for a team and/or other players to play competitive with. Currently i'm ranked 3400, so anyone around that range. I generally fill in matches, but i enjoy playing lucio and zen the most. I...
PC/ United States 317

I'm a flex player but I do mainly play dps and tank. My urge to murder is too strong for the Healer Life™. Looking for anyone who wants to rank up. I try to keep care of my team as a dps or tank and...
PC/ United States 57

Lucio, Mercy, and Pharah main. Looking for people to rank up with. I'm not a toxic player and good with communication.
Xbox One United States

Looking for a chill team to play comp with, currently ranked at 2623 SR and trying to get out of the dreaded plat stage. I main Genji and prefer to play him but I'm flexible. I can play various suppor...
PC/ United States 257

Solder 76 Main, but flexible. can play any hero listed below. Current SR: 2214 Highest SR: 2565 I earned my SR through wins, NOT placements. I have advanced from 1750 SR to 2565 SR this seas...
PC/ United States 750

I am looking for a team to play competitively for rank. I Am a Dps/Flex player. looking for groups/players above 2500. must have mic. plz have been be platinum or higher. (its not that i don't trus...
PC/ United States 75

aye just looking for some funny and cool people to have some fun with. don't add me if you have problems playing with a girl or no sense of humors (^: anyone welcomed.
PC/ United States 252

Looking for a team or a couple of players to climb with. I am currently 3037 SR and i play mostly rein orad and zarya. Add me at IntenseMcNapkin#1891 on or msg me here so we can talk!
PC/ Portugal 37

I'm searching for chilled, not toxic and friendly people to play. Add me if you want to play. Any age or rank.
PC/ United Kingdom 92

Looking for people at 3000+ to climb SR with, Im available every day and currently at 3060
PC/ United States 43

Hey! I'm a college student from California. I'm new to the FPS genre, but I'm doing pretty well so far! Looking to find people to strategize with. I've been told I'm a rather positive player (even by ...