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PC/ United States

I just started playing placed 2700s sr add me or message if you want to play competitive. Also I only like to win so if your not that type get off my post.
PC/ United Kingdom

Hello I am Zeffron and I am a Support/Flex main around 2900 sr. I am looking for a team to regularly play with and to rank up. I am trying to climb up to Dimaond but the problem is solo queue = utter ...
PC/ Israel

[EU][4K][Tank/Flex] Greeting overwatch comrades, My name is ShipStreeT and im looking for a team, first a bit about me: Been playing compeitivly for many years, played many games (such as wc3, ...
PC/ Portugal

Support Main. I'm in plat +2500 Trying to find someone or a team to play normals and to play competitive.
PC/ United Kingdom

Am a weaboo trash need a group to play with am so scared of solo q please help me!!! Currently 2188sr. Please find me before i lose more matches :p If your a hanzo main go kill yourself XD
PC/ United States

I am around 2700-2900 range. I am looking for people to play with and add to my friends list. I main Winston but I can also play Lucio, D.VA, Zenyatta, Mercy, sometimes when I need to I play Reinhardt...
PC/ United States

Looking for season 6 team.Main Widow,Sombra,Reaper,Phara,Dva,Mercy,Symmetra but I can pretty much play anyone.Its best to play with me overnights 12am to 6am est or on a day off work because all I do ...
PC/ United States

i'm just looking for a good comp ream, excuse the bad description i'm to lazy to write more
PC/ United States

I play overwatch. I play mainly tank and heal like winston, rein, zen, lucio, mercy. My comp is 2280sr. I want to go up so i want to meet group plz contact me. I can do discord too. I can play on wee...
PC/ United States

Fun discord community for people who truly enjoy playing Overwatch. • Meet new players. • Form your own professional team through our discord. • Fun organized tourneys every week • Help ...
PC/ United States

Looking for somebody around Masters to queue with regularly! I have not yet placed on my main account, I ended with around 3821 SR before I stopped playing comp at the end of season 5. I'm a Mercy ma...
PC/ United Kingdom

I play Mercy a lot, in comp I'm low masters, I'm not going to say I'm a Mercy main because it has such a stigma. Just looking for cool people to play with, i'm up for playing in duo's or a full team! ...
PC/ United States

I'm a roadhog main, 2600 SR, need a superior DPS main to get to diamond easy. I have great personality, and great shot calls. Could get to diamond in 2 days.
PC/ Finland

Hello there! I am here to find team for climbing in ranks. I have been playing Overwatch since season2, but started comp on season3. Mainly my rank is Gold/Plat, but I am capable to climb higher! My ...
PC/ Sweden

i am 2050sr mercy and zarya main looking for team i have discord
PC/ Switzerland

Looking for a constructive duo partner 3600+ to get to GM. I main DPS (Soldier/tracer/pharah/ mainly. Can also flex if needed obviously. I'm looking for a nice fun environment with a will to get bette...
PC/ Georgia

I'm looking for new friends to play casual or competitive.
PC/ United States

Mainly a support player, but I also play alot of DPS and have a semi good accuracy with mccree. I'm currently looking for people to que with up to diamond and above, and maybe even compete in tourname...