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PC/ United States

"Fun discord community for players who truly enjoy playing Overwatch." Thank you for stumbling upon our Team advertisement! Hammer Down is an Overwatch discord community seeking active and positive...
PC/ United States

3.7k Tank player looking to play on my 3.2k account MistyMan#11895 with my low diamond DPS main friend.
PC/ Chile

Busco equipo competitivo. SR Actual: 3175 Main: Ana, Roadhog y Con ganas de mejorar.
PC/ United States

2900 support main, professionally dedicated and mature. Can Flex
PC/ United States

Looking for a team/group that needs a tank/dive dps. I'm familiar with competitive team games, and can help be a leader if needed. Just tired of solo que, and would like to grow and learn with a team....
PC/ United States

i'm just looking for a comp team
PC/ Australia

im looking for a team that can help me improve as a player, im currently learning to play moira and pretty good at genji, i am stuck in silver but i strive to get better and get placed in higher ranks...
PC/ United States

(Support Main) High gold player, can rank to Plat and higher easily. Looking for a ranked/competitive team to play with. Read my Profile for a little more info or add me and play a few games to see h...
PC/ United States

halfly pro genji and relly good widow support players are fun mostly zen and ana.
PC/ United States

Looking for people to chill with and play some QP while hanging out in Discord! :) Account I'm on: xXx1R15xXx#1244 Discord: Lokodai#9318
PC/ United Kingdom

I am looking for friendly and fun people to play Overwatch with. However, I mainly play Quick Play and Arcade and have a lot of fun playing with others. I am usually available most of the time just...
PC/ Netherlands

Hello I am Rickert i have been playing Overwatch for over a year now, i have spend more then 400hours into this game and iam looking to improve. i have been plat for 3 season straight now. i have c...
PC/ Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi. LF 1 or 2 for comp push at around 2.7k sr. Im really good with Genji/Widow/Ana/soldier and pretty good with zen/tracer/mccree/junk/phara/zarya and most of the others as well, can flex. not very g...
PC/ United States

healer looking to gain rank. hoping for a team to grow and play with. tired of the grind of gaining rank queing solo. strongest at healing, can also tank, and a few DPS characters
PC/ United Kingdom

Looking for a team that wants to have some fun, with someone who can play whatever needed
PC/ Germany

14 Jahre jung - 2 Accounts (3000&2900) - Suche nach einem Team, welches kompetitiv spielt. - D.Va, Junk, Cree, Mei, Winston - Main
PC/ Croatia

Looking for some people to play competitive with. Platinum, 2818 SR. Can be online when needed.
PC/ United States

I'm a low diamond tank main, looking to climb and learn the game in a positive environment. I want to work on combos together. HMU rhobster#1118