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PC/ United States

"Fun discord community for players who truly enjoy playing Overwatch." Thank you for stumbling upon our Team advertisement! Hammer Down is an Overwatch discord community seeking active and positive...
PC/ United Kingdom

Hey i'm Callum. I'm looking for someone to duo queue. I am currently at 3.2kSR. If you want to play some chill comp but also climb add me on battle net and whisper me when you want to play.
PC/ France

[PC] [EU] Hello, Team InCognito is looking for a 3k to 3.5k support player. You would integrate the roster as a sub player, meaning you would play less than a "main"p layer but still actively parti...
PC/ Netherlands

[EU ~ 2800 - 3100SR] I'm looking for a group (team) of players that wants to push their limit in the competitive season of Overwatch. I, myself, am a flex main. I've been forced to be playing Tank/H...
PC/ Germany

Hi, Im a low-mid gold player whos looking for some cool people to climb the ranked ladder with :D! Check my profile for more info. Im fluent in German and English and looking for a team
PC/ United Kingdom

hey, my name is Angel and I would like to play with you. diamond, main tanks/supp. Empire watch a new sever for people who want to make new friends. I’m building this “empire” server purely...
PC/ United States

Hello there! Diamond player looking for a team that communicates but does not rage. I understand the frustration, but it does not help anyone's gameplay. My goal is to rise the ranks while having fun....
PC/ United States

-4k avg -Finished 7-3 in Open Season 4 -Available 24/7 -Best playing DPS, Flex, or OT For more info add me on bnet or discord. Battlenet: superiorpen#11686 Discord: Superiorpen#4289
PC/ Canada

Looking for tank main to play ranked with.
PC/ United States

Flex player with zero ego currently ranked in gold and looking to find a group to git gud with rather than rely on the randoms.
PC/ United States

Hello im a plat player that is LFT. Im at 2700 SR right now season best is 2800. I'm a scummy dps main but I'm better than most. I can play anything at a Plat level thats why im still in plat because ...
PC/ Croatia

Check my profile or add me for more info
PC/ United Kingdom

I am looking for friendly and fun people to play Overwatch with. However, I mainly play Quick Play and Arcade and have a lot of fun playing with others. I am usually available most of the time just...
PC/ United States

Platinum Support main! Moira isn't listed on here quite yet but I play both her and Mercy as my main healers. I can Zen or Lucio as needed but I'm not as confident with my Ana. I can also flex into th...
PC/ Greece

1. Lucio, Zarya, Orisa, Soldier, Pharah. 2. Mercy, Roadhog, Ana, Winston, Bastion, Symmetra, Zenyatta. - I can always adapt to the team's needs. - But you don't want me on Widow/McCree/Doomfist. ...
PC/ Sweden

Hey, Im looking for a team to play with and get better with. I'm keen on improving my teamworking and I'm dedicated and prepared to put down some serious time on the game. I'm a low rating player with...
PC/ United States

I'm a tank solo queue. I need a team that is active and would like to climb. Please be at least mid gold, have a mic, and don't run in like a baboon. I'm a Reinhardt god, I play soldier really well an...
PC/ United States

looking for just Quick play and Arcade. Im mainly playing support right now but can play other roles of course I also use mic. please don't add me if you are gonna rage after a loss. Discord Statu...