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PC/ United Kingdom

I am looking for friendly and fun people to play Overwatch with. However, I mainly play Quick Play and Arcade and have a lot of fun playing with others. I am usually available most of the time just...
PC/ Netherlands

Hello I am Rickert i have been playing Overwatch for over a year now, i have spend more then 400hours into this game and iam looking to improve. i have been plat for 3 season straight now. i have c...
PC/ Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi. LF 1 or 2 for comp push at around 2.7k sr. Im really good with Genji/Widow/Ana/soldier and pretty good with zen/tracer/mccree/junk/phara/zarya and most of the others as well, can flex. not very g...
PC/ United States

Willing to work as hard as I can to develop myself into a top contender
PC/ United Kingdom

Looking for a team that wants to have some fun, with someone who can play whatever needed
PC/ United Kingdom

Looking for a team to play scrims and play in tournaments. I am a DPS player and I am 3080sr with a career high of 3480
PC/ United States

I'm a low diamond tank main, looking to climb and learn the game in a positive environment. I want to work on combos together. HMU rhobster#1118
PC/ United States

Battle tag is rancerxl#1417 I’m looking to start getting into overwatches competitive scene. I’ve been playing since beta and my sr always float around diamond rank. I would say I could main eith...
PC/ Norway

Mercy main looking for a team to play with. Been solo queing ever since i started playing ranked, and i've reached diamond solo queing as mainly mercy. Very calm and collected guy, and active on the m...
PC/ Australia

Looking for a team! SR 1900 Main, Pharah, Winston. Can play the majority of heroes if needed. Serious players only with mics. Looking to get into Gold! :D
PC/ Canada

Looking for people to scrim with or even better a team. I am low plat. I mostly play main tank and support, but am comfortable on most heros in the game. I am around in the afternoon/evenings everyday...
PC/ Canada

Looking for a competitive team to practice and rank up with. Would like to find a serious team with goals of eventually trying to play in tournaments. I'm curently 2.1K with a season high of 2499, hav...
PC/ Russian Federation

duo/trio in rating 3746 current search for 3600+ people flex
PC/ United States

Hey! I'm looking for a serious group of people ranked Gold-Diamond to help me get my Gold smurf higher in the ranks,.
PC/ United States

3.1k flex dps looking for comp team to climb with -lots of team and scrim experience -flexible hero pool with hitscan and projectile (preferably projectile) -can record and stream -mst, 17 messag...
PC/ United States

Two high silver players looking for group to play comp with. Tired of selfish randoms.
PC/ Lithuania

Im 17 years old and from Lithuania.I hope to find a group of people with whom I can enjoy playing casual and competetive overwatch. Currently Im sitting at gold. My battletag is jonce#21721
PC/ Ukraine

Looking for a stack or a team to learn the game and improve with. Rank and skill level do no matter as long as the goal is to gitgud.