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PC/ United Kingdom

I am looking for friendly and fun people to play Overwatch with. However, I mainly play Quick Play and Arcade and have a lot of fun playing with others. I am usually available most of the time just...
PC/ Portugal

Hi, i am portuguese and my english is fluent! I play overwatch since its first competetive season,and i joined and left alot of teams season 1:66 season 2:3511 season 3: 3526 Season 4:...
PC/ United Kingdom

I'm looking for people to play with, quick match, arcade or comp. No salty and/or stress head people, the game is purely for fun for me. I'm 18 from the UK but I will play with americans and british p...
PC/ United States

Looking for a team im a flex player (willing to play anything) but im best at dps want a team because everyone is a "god dps" or troll and usually no one works as a team when you solo que its just a ...
PC/ United States

Looking for players to run competitive. Currently Silver, I want to improve and climb! Need experienced players who want to win and will play well with the team!
PC/ United States

Tired of solo que right now...I have about 2-300 hours on Solider, but can flex to most heroes. Just want some people to play with around the plat rank. I'm on the path to gold right now, but I was 50...
PC/ United States

Im 15 years old im really good at ow im have great game sense and communication ability's and just want to join a good team to finally get to top 500 im a very high masters im at 3800+ just trying to ...
PC/ Algeria

I seek some Player for playing just for fun and to help me reaching gold or more in ranked ! I have 3-4 friends who can play too if you want to
PC/ United States

[NA] [PC] [Gold] DPS Main looking for team or players to 6 stack regularly - Ideal/Best DPS heroes are Soldier, Mcree and Hanzo, but willing to get good at any of the DPS - Can flex to off-heal thr...
PC/ Netherlands

Hey first of all I am Rickert I am 15 years of age and iam looking to join a group to scrimm with and 6 stack with, iam a prety flex player, but my best heroes are zenyatta, lucio, reaper, pharrah,rei...
PC/ United Kingdom

I mostly play DPS heroes but I am willing to play whatever is needed, Looking for people who are willing to help rank up to Master.
PC/ Spain

Buenas soy top 254 de europa ahora mismo con un elo de 4k3 y buscaba un equipo con horarios de tardes ( ya que por la mañana estudio en la uni ) para jugar un poco mas enserio al juego. Juego de sup...
PC/ United States

masters player season 3, then fell off the comp game and took some time away. tired of the solo q life, to many people that dont understand its a fucking team game and certain toons benefit the team m...
PC/ United Kingdom

Looking for somebody to play with around 2500-3000 sr so I can get out of plat Even a smurf I just can't stand plat anymore
PC/ Sweden

NO ONE UNDER 20/yo Hey :) Mercy main here at 2,2k SR atm, looking for a duo partner and maybe a full team. Iam very active, have mic and all that. Add me if you wanna play :) Ok, clearly no on...
PC/ United States

I prefer DPS at the moment, I've been filling tank and support this whole season and tanked 200+ sr because of it. If I have to I can flex but I really don't want to
PC/ France

Hi , i am a strong main dps who play 1) pharah 2) soldier 3) reaper but i also play very good zarya , rein and dva i want to play with a strong team to communicate and go to master / gm want to mak...
PC/ Russian Federation

duo/trio/stack in rating hanzomain/flex ~3200