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PC/ United Kingdom

Hey i'm Callum. I'm looking for someone to duo queue. I am currently at 3kSR. If you want to play some chill comp but also climb add me on battle net and whisper me when you want to play.
PC/ Georgia

I'm looking for new friends to play arcade/quick play.
PC/ Spain

Buenas soy top 254 de europa ahora mismo con un elo de 4k3 y buscaba un equipo con horarios de tardes ( ya que por la mañana estudio en la uni ) para jugar un poco mas enserio al juego. Juego de sup...
PC/ Russian Federation

duo/trio/stack in rating hanzomain/flex ~3200
PC/ United Kingdom

Looking for positive, communicative, non - tilting and ultra competitive person for possible 2 stack: Low to mid plat preferably a flex player or Main ana/soldier/monkey/rein/phara CapDeBolet#...
PC/ United Kingdom

GM Mercy player looking for a duo partner. 3.9k+ ♥ Also looking for people to play with and to make new friends!♥ (eu)
PC/ United States

Streamer looking for high energy and fun loving people to stream with. The people I have are great, just wanted to widen the base a bit. I enjoy competitive as much as I do normal game play, and I'm u...
PC/ United States

Currently looking for a group to play with on Competitive, Don't mind what heroes you would want me to play as I can usually play everything equally. However I have the most hours as Solider 76 and I ...
PC/ Netherlands

I'm looking for people to play either comp or QP with. My current sr is 2330. I mostly play tank or support but I'm very flexible. Server: EU Add me if you want!
PC/ United States

Currently 3847 and am looking for a duo partner. I use voice communication and try to make as many call outs as I can. I play hitscan, doomfist, dva, Reinhardt, roadhog, and zenyatta. Feel free to sen...
PC/ United States

Hello! I am a flex player that prioritizes support and defense. I am looking for a reliable team to assist me in completing my season 6 placement matches and rising to diamond/gm. I placed platinum in...
PC/ Ireland

Looking for a dedicated 6 man preferably irish or english capable of flex picking and filling if needed Have Mic and discord Add me if you are interested Current sr 3350 Highest sr 3420
PC/ United States

1700SR Let's climb to gold! I can play any role and DVA/Mercy/Pharah are my current top 3.
PC/ United States

I'm looking for fun, friendly peeps to assist me in ranked. It's been hell but I've been stuck in ELO hell for awhile and it's been a struggle trying to climb out of bronze. Any help is appreciated...
PC/ Egypt

I have 450+ hours in the game... I'm pretty experienced with most heroes I'm looking to join a team and start scrimming. My mains in order are: Genji - Mei - Pharah - Hanzo - Lucio - Zenyata Can al...
PC/ United States

Looking for new friends to play casual or competitive. Sakesushi#11846
PC/ United States

Looking for a solid late night team that plays pretty late at night, preferably around 10:30pm PST. Can fill any role as long as others can carry their own weight! I have been playing since the launc...
PC/ United States

Hey! I'm looking to get better at Overwatch and team synergy to rise in rank, Currently sitting at 2845 for Season 6, Season high is 3024. I picked up Zarya to tank mainly for Season 6 and started to ...