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PC/ Canada

Looking for a competitive team to join, where we can learn making great plays and help eachother improve and become better teammates. I main DPS and I pretty much can do any DPS except for Genji and D...
PC/ Germany

Hello! I'm a German girl searching for a team or even build one myself. I'm currently around 3100 SR and main supports and tanks. :) I'm looking forward to meet you. :) Battletag: Bärchen#21983 ...
PC/ United States

I'm a flex players I can play almost all heroes except for snipers. I'm in bronze so if there are any teams that want to escape bronze let me know. contact me on discord @Albatross#3648
PC/ United States

A little disclaimer as there isn’t more flexibility in the times: I work Mon-Fri from 2pm to midnight Eastern. I can play in mornings from 8am to 1pm roughly or late nights from 1am to 3-4am. Weeken...
PC/ Chile

Busco equipo competitivo. SR Actual: 3175 Main: Ana, Roadhog y Con ganas de mejorar.
PC/ United States

2900 support main, professionally dedicated and mature. Can Flex
PC/ United States

looking to rank up in competitive gold support flex main willing to learn more about serious competitive play
PC/ United States

halfly pro genji and relly good widow support players are fun mostly zen and ana.
PC/ United States

Looking for people to chill with and play some QP while hanging out in Discord! :) Account I'm on: xXx1R15xXx#1244 Discord: Lokodai#9318
PC/ United States

Looking for good group of folks to comp with. Stuck in bronze currently. Mid to high silver usually. Looking to climb to gold or plat as a starting goal.
PC/ Netherlands

Hello I am Rickert i have been playing Overwatch for over a year now, i have spend more then 400hours into this game and iam looking to improve. i have been plat for 3 season straight now. i have c...
PC/ Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi. LF 1 or 2 for comp push at around 2.7k sr. Im really good with Genji/Widow/Ana/soldier and pretty good with zen/tracer/mccree/junk/phara/zarya and most of the others as well, can flex. not very g...
PC/ United States

Looking for a team to play competitively. Currently at 1.6SR but have climbed to Gold. I am a shotcaller while on Zen. I always try to game plan for every match. My best heroes are Moria, Mercy, Zen, ...
PC/ United States

Currently looking for a group to play with on Competitive, Don't mind what heroes you would want me to play as I can usually play everything equally. However I have the most hours as Solider 76 and I ...
PC/ United States

Battle tag is rancerxl#1417 I’m looking to start getting into overwatches competitive scene. I’ve been playing since beta and my sr always float around diamond rank. I would say I could main eith...
PC/ United States

looking for a team to play sr high of 3740ish off tank and off healer can play some dps heroes if needed im 24 add my battle tag to reach me
PC/ United Kingdom

Hello. I'm a casual overwatch player looking for people to have fun with in QP and occasionally dip into comp if we want to. Just want some fun microphone banter/team work really. I'm 26 so would pref...
PC/ United States

Looking for people to climb with and have some fun(im about 1800) i main dps but flex, preferably tanks or healers :)