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PC/ United Kingdom

Hey i'm Callum. I'm looking for someone to duo queue. I am currently at 3.2kSR. If you want to play some chill comp but also climb add me on battle net and whisper me when you want to play.
PC/ United Kingdom

hey, my name is Angel and I would like a player to due queue with me and climb, I'm diamond. I main tanks/supp. Empire watch a new sever for people who want to make new friends. I’m building th...
PC/ Korea, Republic of

PLAY IN US / DPS ALLROUNDER / MOST:GENJI / NEED PARTNER WITH CONCEPT OF FOCUSUING / VOICE CHAT 3000+ /MAIN ACCOUNT 3800++ Hello i am korean overwatch player i live in Philippines now, so i play in u...
PC/ United States

My name is Maliek Martin, i'm 19 years old. Back when Overwatch didn't have a league we all just scrimmed, I managed a team called Related 2 Gaming. We scrimmed against Team Liquid and Cloud 9 a lot. ...
PC/ United States

Just looking for a team for competetive who are cool and joking and also serious
PC/ United States

Low diamond - High plat, I'm best at support roles and can play all of them well, especially Mercy and Zen, can flex onto Genji or McCree if dps is needed. Trying to get into high diamond for once ra...
PC/ Netherlands

Hello! i'm a 15-year-old dps main (almost 16 ) from the Netherlands and I've been playing overwatch for almost a year now and i've been enjoying every second of it :). I specialize in hitscan and I'm...
PC/ Norway Master player who prefers playing support/dps Main DPS heroes; Mcree, Tracer. But can play others that I've listed below to a ...
PC/ Finland

HI im looking group/team to play with im 3100+ i have over 400h on the game most of them on dps but i like to play tank too im 18y old so just add me on battlenet = widowisshiit#2961
PC/ United States

I solo que'ed to 3200 and then went on a bad losing streak. im down to 2900 in 1 day.... throwers and poor teamwork players every game. going to grind to masters this weekend if i can get a good team....
PC/ Germany

Hi, im looking for some ppl to play Comp with preferable Diamond~ . Just join our Discord if you want to contact me and play with us. (My CPU is dead at the moment so i can't play comp ... but as so...
PC/ Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi. LF 1 or 2 for pushing comp, at around 2.8k sr. Im really good with Genji/Widow/Ana/soldier and pretty good with zen/tracer/mccree/junk/phara/zarya and most of the others as well, can flex. not ve...
PC/ United States

SR:3176 Looking to join a team that is looking to go through the ranks. I mainly play genji, but I can play zarya and ana as well. Just looking for people to join.
PC/ Denmark

Looking for people to play with, i mainly just want to improve and get a better at the game
PC/ United States

I'm Reikoku I'm a DPS main with a 3220 SR that can also play every tank. I have been solo queuing almost all of my OW career just climbing slowly. I've finally decided to look for a team to play with ...
PC/ United States

Looking for players in high gold - low diamond to group with in competitive! I can usually play everyday of the week but I can play the most on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - I'm 14 years old, tu...
PC/ United States

I'm a 4k DPS/Flex player looking for a good team.
PC/ Malaysia

Looking players who want play casual and have fun. From Malaysia