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PC/ Germany

SR: 2400 bis 2900. Ich bin Flexspieler und bräuchte Leute, die am Wochenende Lootboxen freispielen wollen oder nen wenig competitv suchten:)
PC/ France

Hi ! I'm looking for teamates for the new season I am silver / gold
PC/ United Kingdom

Looking for a flex player 3.5k+ You will be a sub for the uk masters tournament
PC/ United Kingdom

Hey i'm Callum. I'm looking for someone to duo queue. I am currently at 3.2kSR. If you want to play some chill comp but also climb add me on battle net and whisper me when you want to play.
PC/ Hungary

Hi. My name is Elyzium. 28 year old Hungarian guy. (We do business in English.) Mercy and Lucio main. I am looking for competent DPS people in Diamond for duo and trio que's! Have balls, use tha...
PC/ United Kingdom

hey, my name is Angel and I would like a player to due queue with me and climb, I'm diamond. I main tanks/supp. Empire watch a new sever for people who want to make new friends. I’m building th...
PC/ Netherlands

Looking for a Team/Group to play Competitive with. Around 2500
PC/ Belgium

Hi I'm 19 years old and I'm looking for a few players to team up with because I'm pretty bored of the solo queue in this game. I speak English, Romanian, Dutch and a bit of French. I'm a pretty low ra...
PC/ United Kingdom

I am looking for friendly and fun people to play Overwatch with. However, I mainly play Quick Play and Arcade and have a lot of fun playing with others. I am usually available most of the time just...
PC/ United Kingdom

Hello there. I am looking for a plat/low diam team (18+) , I am currently stuck in platinum and am looking for a team in order to move up in sr, improve my skills and participate in tournaments in th...
PC/ Netherlands

Hey guys, i'm a very communicative player looking for other players who are also very communicative. I'm playing every day, alone or with friends. I main dps but lately i'm filling alot. If you are a...
PC/ Sweden

SR: 2600~ Looking for someone to play competitive with. I main Zenyatta and Mccree but I can flex too. Just add me :) Joulupukki#2859
PC/ Norway

Hey Just looking for someone to play overwatch with Add Zquirrel #2618 on if you want to play :) I am mostly play tank or support.
PC/ United Kingdom

I'm looking for a team. I'm a support main in plat 2484+ (solo q is fun). I moved over from console early Jan and my career high was 3895, I've had over a thousand hours experience and also am extreme...
PC/ Micronesia, Federated States of
PC/ Germany

Looking for a Team to play competitiv. Im at gold rn but i know i can be way better. (e.x diamond at ctf and high plat on console) I'm 16 years old. I can play every tank And also play a few s...
PC/ Netherlands

Hello! i'm a 15-year-old dps main (almost 16 ) from the Netherlands and I've been playing overwatch for almost a year now and i've been enjoying every second of it :). I specialize in hitscan and I'm...
PC/ Norway Master player who prefers playing support/dps Main DPS heroes; Mcree, Tracer. But can play others that I've listed below to a ...