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PlayStation 4 United States 211

Soldiers the name DPS is my game he is my main but i can also play reaper, junkrat, roadhog, winston, and rinehard and a few other flex. i am looking for healers ans tank mains.
PlayStation 4 Netherlands 58

Looking for Dutch ppl or english ppl to play competitive on ps4. I im gold 2100 i was 2400 but it drops because i play solo. let me know if you wanna play with me. soldier, and Mercy are my...
PlayStation 4 United States 142

Looking for people to play COMP with no toxicity. Please have mic
PlayStation 4 United States

Main roadhog, zarya, flex player heals are good. Looking for grandmaster team tired of solo queing with trash. Please somebody save me from elo hell. Season high is 3966, grandmaster was stripped away...
PlayStation 4 United States 109

I'm a full time twitch streamer looking for some competitive players to help me fight in glory psn:kryptoVM
PlayStation 4 United States 227

Looking to personally test a few things in a custom game, need at least 4 other people.
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking to climb out of 2600 to 2900 ELO hell. Send me a friends request on PSN. My name is Men_in_Boxes. Hoping to get a group of friendly players together that are also competitive/want to win. ...
PlayStation 4 United States 115

Looking for a team to play in competitive, the team I did have ruined my rank in placement and dropped my SR even lower after that. I Want a good team ti help get through the ranks and prepare for se...
PlayStation 4 Netherlands 239

Hello Good people of Overwatch. I think we all have experienced the hell that is playing competitive Overwatch without mic's and proper team work. So here I am, offering my services and asking for peo...
PlayStation 4 United States 458

Looking for nice players in diamond/master rank or just chill QP buddies.
PlayStation 4 United States 103

Not sure if it is just not updating my SR for only me on here, but I'm CURRENTLY AT 2821. PSN; EL_R_O_J_O. Looking for a group or team to play comp with. Im a living aimbot with Soldier. I don't rage ...
PlayStation 4 United States 144

Looking for a semi-serious comp to grow with. I'm pretty laid back and play casually most of the time, and I'd like to team with like minded people. Of course we want to win, but not to the point wher...