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PlayStation 4 Canada

Just want decent players to play with and understand the game. Play comp mostly, love to grind
PlayStation 4 Costa Rica

Hi, well Id like find people to play with, also do some comp matches on ranks from silver to plat, I am a flex player I can play anything, and I also have a team so if for any reason you are intereste...
PlayStation 4 Malaysia

Need team for placement matches , i can flexible except for hanzo ,widow, sombra and pharah, i play mercy ,ana and junkrat mostly
PlayStation 4 Canada

[3504 SR] Looking to climb into GM. My main heroes are Zarya, Tracer & Soldier. My other heroes I can play are Bastion, Ana, Sombra, Reaper, Mei, Junkrat, Zenyatta (just started learning) I'm loo...
PlayStation 4 United States

2325 Mercy main here trying to climb the rank ladder. My only request is to have a mic so the communication will go well. Thanks :)
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hi My Gamertag is universal04 I'm just looking for a cool group of people to join but I still wanna try to win at competitive I can be flexible with hero picks and know how to do well at every hero...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

hey my name is tayls_mc7 that's my PSN online name i'm a main but i can flex to anything just contact me if you need a teammate i'm here all the time
PlayStation 4 United States

Best Heroes. Sombra D.Va Zarya Mercy
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hi guys, DPS main here - Genji, Mccree, Soldier 76, Pharah. Currently diamond, season high 3300 SR. On PC 3400 SR. Looking for someone to climb to Masters - GM with. Please have a min of 3000SR and ...
PlayStation 4 United States

Flex player here! Looking for a group to play competitive matches
PlayStation 4 Ireland

3500SR mercy main L4T. S6 peak: 3740. i'm used to playing solo healer for a team but like playing with a lucio/zen. can flex lucio/sym/zarya/diva/mei if necessary
PlayStation 4 United States

Hi, just looking for people who want to play causal or competitive games. I am low rank since I'm mostly a healer, but I'm looking for teammates that are flexible and can sometimes play a healer. I'm ...
PlayStation 4 United States

mercy main. ( if needed) needing a duo for placements! must have finished higher than 3500 & tank/dps mains only !
PlayStation 4 Australia

Hi I'm looking for a team or other players to play comp with. I'm in gold at 2300sr but I used to be in plat. I can flex but I rather play dos or tanks.
PlayStation 4 Denmark

Soldier:76 main looking to carry low elo players. Silver, gold, platinum etc. Mains are in Diamond and Master Feel free to msg or add me on psn: S76DPS (Still leveling up). EU NA
PlayStation 4 Belgium

Do I need a description?
PlayStation 4 Philippines

I am a Bastion main looking for a group or players that would wanna play comp with me. Trying to be Masters by the end of season 7. Looking for some help, willing to help others too. Would rather play...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

I've gotten reaally quite tired of playing with randoms all the time and I'd love some people that wanna play regularly.. And if possible, have in game party voice chat enabled.. Either QP or comp aro...