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PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Looking for a team or confident players to play with. Hit me up on PS4 (Paladin499)
PlayStation 4 Philippines

Hello, I am currently a low masters player. I main Bastion. You can check my profile to see the heroes I'm best at. I can play seriously in comp or for fun in qp, although I rather play QP with those ...
PlayStation 4 United States

I looking for a good team that communicates and plays comp. I am flex and will play any position for the team.
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking for 2-4 players around the plat rank for a competent competitive team
PlayStation 4 Germany

Tengo Más de 200 Horas jugando
PlayStation 4 United States

"people don't think it be like it is but it do" -Oscar Gamble-
PlayStation 4 Canada

Hi I'm Blake, I'm quite new too the game but wanna get better and get carried in ranked. I main D.Va but also can play Ana, Mei, Soldier 76, and others. I play on the PS4 in North America. I just want...
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking for a serious team on ps4 that isn't toxic. I was in diamond this season but choose to solo que tons and dropped down into 2900 but can easily get back into diamond. I can fill anything I usua...
PlayStation 4 United Arab Emirates

Hi, I am highlands226 and I am looking for some master ranked players that are willing to play as a group with me and have a good communication.
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking to get recruited to a team. Almost always available. I have a mic. I am very reliable
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking for a team that can work together 2800+ sr almost been master before but it's getting harder and harder to play solo. Dps and support.
PlayStation 4 Ecuador

Hi I’m Xavier and I’m LFT to play Comp and have fun I can adapt for the team so I can really play a bunch of characters, here is my PS4 tag if you want to contact me RXTituana95
PlayStation 4 Switzerland

Hi! :) I'm looking for a team/group that takes it serious! I'm a happy and (sometimes too) chatty person. I used to main Mei but i'm currently all about Zarya and I think i can say i'm doing quite ...
PlayStation 4 Canada

[3504 SR] Looking to climb into GM. My main heroes are Zarya, Tracer & Soldier. My other heroes I can play are Bastion, Ana, Sombra, Reaper, Mei, Junkrat, Zenyatta (just started learning) I'm loo...
PlayStation 4 United States

Best Heroes. Sombra D.Va Zarya Mercy
PlayStation 4 United States

Flex player here! Looking for a group to play competitive matches
PlayStation 4 Australia

Hi I'm looking for a team or other players to play comp with. I'm in gold at 2300sr but I used to be in plat. I can flex but I rather play dos or tanks.
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

I've gotten reaally quite tired of playing with randoms all the time and I'd love some people that wanna play regularly.. And if possible, have in game party voice chat enabled.. Either QP or comp aro...