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PlayStation 4 Afghanistan

I just want to have some teammates that are good at the game
PlayStation 4 United States

I play mainly supports but I'm a flex player so can also tank and dps if needed. My sr is around 2200 and I'm looking for people to climb with.
PlayStation 4 Philippines

Hi! I am 17 years old can play all the heroes in the game besides Genji. I am an all around player so I can play any role, although my specialty is Tank and Support. I'm level 35 currently and at Diam...
PlayStation 4 Costa Rica

Hi, well Id like find people to play with, also do some comp matches on ranks from silver to plat, I am a flex player I can play anything, and I also have a team so if for any reason you are intereste...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

i'm low diamond/high plat, just looking for some new people to play with!! I mainly play support in comp, but will play tank if needed! I'm a mercy, dva main primarily, but can play any other support ...
PlayStation 4 Canada

Hi! I'm looking for a team that's coordinated to play some competitive. I'm in the 2300s (that was last season, I haven't done placement matches yet). I'm looking for your usual meta: two tanks, one s...
PlayStation 4 United States

What's good y'all? My name's GangHunter252. Looking for people to queue with for Overwatch Competitive and I'm trying to get out of Silver Rank right now since Solo Queue can be very fustrating. I am ...
PlayStation 4 Spain

i am looking for people to rank up and play in team combos in order to learn more! i am currently at 2400 to 2600 D.Va main, but well trainned in Junkrat and Soldier. i can play Bastion and Lucio qui...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hi My Gamertag is universal04 I'm just looking for a cool group of people to join but I still wanna try to win at competitive I can be flexible with hero picks and know how to do well at every hero...
PlayStation 4 United States

Flex player here! Looking for a group to play competitive matches
PlayStation 4 Ireland

3500SR mercy main L4T. S6 peak: 3740. i'm used to playing solo healer for a team but like playing with a lucio/zen. can flex lucio/sym/zarya/diva/mei if necessary
PlayStation 4 United States

mercy main. ( if needed) needing a duo for placements! must have finished higher than 3500 & tank/dps mains only !
PlayStation 4 Belgium

Do I need a description?
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

I've gotten reaally quite tired of playing with randoms all the time and I'd love some people that wanna play regularly.. And if possible, have in game party voice chat enabled.. Either QP or comp aro...
PlayStation 4 United States

I am lookin for players who want to play competitive and rank up on ps4. I am very flexible and have often carried my teams. Gamertag: XxHadesxX321
PlayStation 4 United States

Sr 1725 used to be 2300 looking to climb back up to gold before end of season. Will most likely be playing all night. Will be here all day please add me PSN ID: yyootrippen.
PlayStation 4 United States

Mercy/Lucio main, Im 30sr away from being diamond again, and I need your help doing it. Anyone who is chill and competent at what they're doing either a tank or dps main
PlayStation 4 Maldives

Im searching for serious players with good game sense to climb up. My season high is 3600, now im at 3170 due to inactivity. My team mates are master level players