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PlayStation 4 Canada

Just want decent players to play with and understand the game. Play comp mostly, love to grind
PlayStation 4 Costa Rica

Hi, well Id like find people to play with, also do some comp matches on ranks from silver to plat, I am a flex player I can play anything, and I also have a team so if for any reason you are intereste...
PlayStation 4 United States

Hello! My name is Asaki and I am currently starting a group called ThePhantomThieves...We're really not in Ranked plays and stuff like that, we're mostly a comedy and calm group of friends! If you'd l...
PlayStation 4 Malaysia

Need team for placement matches , i can flexible except for hanzo ,widow, sombra and pharah, i play mercy ,ana and junkrat mostly
PlayStation 4 Canada

[3504 SR] Looking to climb into GM. My main heroes are Zarya, Tracer & Soldier. My other heroes I can play are Bastion, Ana, Sombra, Reaper, Mei, Junkrat, Zenyatta (just started learning) I'm loo...
PlayStation 4 United States

2325 Mercy main here trying to climb the rank ladder. My only request is to have a mic so the communication will go well. Thanks :)
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hi My Gamertag is universal04 I'm just looking for a cool group of people to join but I still wanna try to win at competitive I can be flexible with hero picks and know how to do well at every hero...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

hey my name is tayls_mc7 that's my PSN online name i'm a main but i can flex to anything just contact me if you need a teammate i'm here all the time
PlayStation 4 United States

Best Heroes. Sombra D.Va Zarya Mercy
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hi guys, DPS main here - Genji, Mccree, Soldier 76, Pharah. Currently diamond, season high 3300 SR. On PC 3400 SR. Looking for someone to climb to Masters - GM with. Please have a min of 3000SR and ...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hello! I am a fairly new player this is my first season of competitive I started out low gold now I'm high silver but I feel like a lot of the reason I'm struggling is not having a team/no one being o...
PlayStation 4 United States

Flex player here! Looking for a group to play competitive matches
PlayStation 4 Ireland

3500SR mercy main L4T. S6 peak: 3740. i'm used to playing solo healer for a team but like playing with a lucio/zen. can flex lucio/sym/zarya/diva/mei if necessary
PlayStation 4 United States

Hi, just looking for people who want to play causal or competitive games. I am low rank since I'm mostly a healer, but I'm looking for teammates that are flexible and can sometimes play a healer. I'm ...
PlayStation 4 United States

mercy main. ( if needed) needing a duo for placements! must have finished higher than 3500 & tank/dps mains only !
PlayStation 4 Australia

Hi I'm looking for a team or other players to play comp with. I'm in gold at 2300sr but I used to be in plat. I can flex but I rather play dos or tanks.
PlayStation 4 Denmark

Soldier:76 main looking to carry low elo players. Silver, gold, platinum etc. Mains are in Diamond and Master Feel free to msg or add me on psn: S76DPS (Still leveling up). EU NA
PlayStation 4 Belgium

Do I need a description?