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PlayStation 4 United States

Hello! My name is Asaki and I am currently starting a group called STRV...We're currently aiming for the top and become an amazing community and team! and we are always ready to meet people who play t...
PlayStation 4 Philippines

Hello, I am a platinum player who is looking for a partner or a group to grind with. Hoping to get to masters or to beat my career high.
PlayStation 4 United States

Stuck at your rank? Need help? I can help. I’m wanting to help diamond and below players get to diamond. I can either boost your account by getting on it, duo with you, or get my team and I to h...
PlayStation 4 United States

Group Up With Me! Hi everyone, My gaming buddy and I are looking to find some people to pair up with, and maybe eventually form a team. We're at the point where we're both competent and can do ...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Casual player with my friend and becoming consistent with multiple roles and characters however looking for players with the same aspiration and attitude when grinding seasons. Basically looking to ge...
PlayStation 4 New Zealand

I’m a Genji Main. Want to find some other nice people to friend and play with on a daily basis
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking for a group/team to play with. Current SR is around 2850 but my peak is 3434. Looking for competitive games with communication and a fun group to climb back up to diamond and push for Masters....
PlayStation 4 United States

Let's play to win and to have fun let's learn stuff
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hey 21 from uk, Looking for players to play competitive or quick play, currently in mid gold from solo que. Looking to climb, main in comp but can flex. Preferably 16+ anyone feel free to a...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Hey I'm Aiden and would like to play with others. Be it Ranked, Casual or even Arcade. Currently Platin but would like to change that for the better. I am relatively new to the game. I can play every ...
PlayStation 4 Canada

Hi, I’m a junkrat Main trying to improve and get a higher SR but it’s getting harder with solo queues so I’m looking for people to group up with if they are looking to team up specially in compe...
PlayStation 4 Spain

Looking to find a competitive but fun team to rank up, practice, and have fun with ;)
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

hi! i'm 18, from England, and i'm a 76 / Zen main with a love for most support characters (except Symmetra). i'm working on getting better with other heroes like Winston, so that i can flex somewhat. ...
PlayStation 4 Ireland

Casual player but I’m very sweaty & competitive. Need a half decent team who will work together and make an effort to win. Don’t know any strats, or calls but will make the effort to call what I s...
PlayStation 4 United States

Im looking to begin working with a team and progressing in ranks. I main Sombra and Moira but can comfortably play 12 heros. I work well as a flex or a dps. My SR is currently around 1900 my career hi...
PlayStation 4 Australia

G'day! Looking for players around my SR level (Gold 2012SR) to group up with for competitive (but also down to play other game modes). I usually main healers (Mercy primarily) but can easily flex to ...
PlayStation 4 Malaysia

Im 2750 sr, flex player, decent on soldier and junk, taking a break from mercy
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

hey my name is tayls_mc7 that's my PSN online name i'm a main but i can flex to anything just contact me if you need a teammate i'm here all the time