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PlayStation 4 United States

I’m looking for players to join me and my friend in comp were in gold at around 2300+ were mainly looking for tank/healers but we can fit in a dps or two message me or my psn is (OMGKraZed) we’re ...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

hey my name is tayls_mc7 that's my PSN online name i'm a main but i can flex to anything just contact me if you need a teammate i'm here all the time
PlayStation 4 Iceland

Just looking for non toxic people with game sense and a microphone that want to have fun playing but also want to get better. I am a platinum player and i change my characters depending on game but mo...
PlayStation 4 United States

Hey, I am trying to find some players to join. My Rating is around 2200 and growing. I main Tracer, Lucio, and Mei. My play style is usually roaming but, I can work that out to best help the team. Mes...
PlayStation 4 United States

I’m looking for good team 2000-3000 that are not toxic and can support other team members
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking to get recruited to a team. Almost always available. I have a mic. I am very reliable
PlayStation 4 United States

Looking for a team that can work together 2800+ sr almost been master before but it's getting harder and harder to play solo. Dps and support.
PlayStation 4 New Zealand

Looking for a team on ps4 to help climb to diamond, I’m mid-high plat at 2824 msg me if your keen to play, and my psn is quakefish-
PlayStation 4 Afghanistan

I just want to have some teammates that are good at the game
PlayStation 4 United States

Add me to play comp right now. 3000SR+
PlayStation 4 United States

I play mainly supports but I'm a flex player so can also tank and dps if needed. My sr is around 2200 and I'm looking for people to climb with.
PlayStation 4 United States

Just looking for some people to play with and maybe find some friends.
PlayStation 4 Ecuador

Hi I’m Xavier and I’m LFT to play Comp and have fun I can adapt for the team so I can really play a bunch of characters, here is my PS4 tag if you want to contact me RXTituana95
PlayStation 4 Austria

Im looking for decent players to make a powerful team . i got bored of playing with inexperienced players . I play mainly with Mccree tracer , mei , d va
PlayStation 4 Philippines

Hi! I am 17 years old can play all the heroes in the game besides Genji. I am an all around player so I can play any role, although my specialty is Tank and Support. I'm level 35 currently and at Diam...
PlayStation 4 United Kingdom

Low plat/high gold DVA main but can play most of the hero's fairly well. looking for a semi-serious team (mainly comp) to have fun with regularly. Add me on PSN if you are interested. My stats if y...
PlayStation 4 United States

What's good y'all? My name's GangHunter252. Looking for people to queue with for Overwatch Competitive and I'm trying to get out of Silver Rank right now since Solo Queue can be very fustrating. I am ...
PlayStation 4 Spain

i am looking for people to rank up and play in team combos in order to learn more! i am currently at 2400 to 2600 D.Va main, but well trainned in Junkrat and Soldier. i can play Bastion and Lucio qui...