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Xbox One United States 52

Just another Overwatch player that is looking to win more than they lose. Looking to improve with a team. I have a mic so communication shouldn't be an issue. Availability is unreliable as I am a f...
Xbox One United States

3500 SR Healer Main (all but Mercy) looking for team. Top 400 Lucio.
Xbox One United States 387

im currently sitting at 3915 SR. id like to team up with players of a similar SR range but available to all teams. I main Ana, Mercy, Tracer, Soldier76, yes i have mic. Yes im free practically 24/7 ...
Xbox One United Kingdom 304

sr2616 sh2874 can play all roles just trying to get to diamond
Xbox One United States 183

Zarya main but I'm willing to play support, willing to do whatever works to win. I would really like to have a team to play with, at least occasionally.
Xbox One Canada 167

I'm currently looking for a competitive team because I'm tired of dropping ranks. I'm currently at 2231sr. I can play tank/Healer.
Xbox One United States 51

I am looking for a competitive/ranked team. I am a gold player and work well with teams. I have a mic on xbox, skype and discord (message me if you want to know my skype/discord). It is very hard to c...
Xbox One United States 209

Hello, I am a dedicated and hard working player seeking a Master level team or individuals that want to group up that needs players to rank upwards. I am a DVA, Solder 76 and Lucio mains. I am at a...
Xbox One United States 170

I'm trying to find some people to play competitive with. I'm just tired of getting bad teams and going down in skill rating. I can play whatever class you need. Just send me a message and I'm down to...
Xbox One United States 144

I am looking to become part of a team looking to rank up in competitive. I can play DPS, Tanks and Flex. Mainly DPS though. Message\Invite me on Xbox.
Xbox One United States

Looking for people to play competitive don't have mic but can hear you for call outs and intructions lvl 39 rank 1814
Xbox One United States 126

D.Va/mercy/soldier main LFT 2250SR. I usually play in the afternoon. Looking for a team to play with regularly.