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Xbox One Finland

Ana main looking for a Rein to queue with. I can flex to any role, but have had the most fun playing Ana lately. EU servers. Currently low diamond.
Xbox One United Kingdom

i am a high plat/low diamond lvl 360 with previous team experience. i am a tracer main but total flex. dont mind what mode as long as people arn't toxic. available basically all the time
Xbox One Canada

Im a Projectile (pharah/junkrat) main but often play tank. My career high is 2923 Ive since run into a string of bad teams it feels like now borderline platinum. Even in High platinum rated games I ...
Xbox One United Kingdom

I play the game to have fun but to also aha hopefully do well in competitive I have 2 friend's that I play regularly with but I have been struggling to find others. I record videos for my Youtube chan...
Xbox One Afghanistan

lots of dps games experience had overwatch for about two months and have a target of masters by the end of season 8 I am a flexible player and play Zenyatta Hog (and a bit of zarya) and genjii tracer...
Xbox One United States

looking for people to rank up with. Im low silver and would like to group up with some people, I also play Moira. Have school mon - Fri but will be able to play at 4 o clock. Also on weekends, I can p...
Xbox One United States

I’m a flex player on Xbox in NA. I’m on almost all the time and i just started getting back into overwatch from a short break. I play almost any character but my bests include Mercy Tracer and Ori...
Xbox One United States

I'm 15 and mid diamond on my smurf which got banned :(. Trying to find an actual team for competitive matches. AKA Xbox tournaments. I don't mind QP either.
Xbox One Belgium

Just looking for someone or a group of people to play with! I can play qp or comp and I'm in plat this season (i started in silver) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ These times I'm playing ai bc I'm veeery bored.
Xbox One United States

Just hit me up if you wanna play. I'm 13 and am looking for people who live in America to play comp with. I'm looking for 4 people. I'm a bronze/silver.
Xbox One United States

Trying to climb the ladder to diamond or masters, stuck in plat elo hell.
Xbox One New Zealand

Yo what's up! My name's Nathan and I'm a 20 year old who plays for fun for the most part. I'm just getting back into Overwatch after taking a break for a few months. I'm looking to build a group of po...
Xbox One Italy

Cerco ragazzi della mia età (14) per partite competitive e non. Gioco un po' quello che serve, ma sopratutto roadhog, phara, Lucio, Ana e soldato 76.
Xbox One United States

All im looking for some people to have fun and sometime play serious on overwatch with. Whether it is quickplay, comp, acade or custom game it does not matter to me. All are welcome to join. No toxic ...
Xbox One United States

Looking for other players to play with or even better would be a team. Haven’t been playing long but have picked up skill quickly. Want other experienced people to learn from to better my game and j...
Xbox One United States

I'm 14 and I play in mid platinum. I'm looking for some chill, flexible, competitive overwatch players. I main dps and healers. Looking for tank mains or healer mains. Add me if you would like to play...
Xbox One United States

I am ranked mid gold but was mid diamond Gt:Picel I have a mic
Xbox One United States

I am 21 years old looking for a team with 3000+sr. Add me and message me on xbox for more info.