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Greetings, We are an elite LFM clan/community focused around Overwatch. We currently run a toxic-free environment in which good players can become great, and great players can improve at a professional level. We as a whole, strive for success and anything less is not accepted, losing is a part of winning, but being a permanent loser is never fun nor healthy. [OPPO] is currently scheduling upcoming events circulating around Overwatch and its entirety. Though Overwatch is [OPPO]’s main focus, we will be sure to host non-Overwatch related events for the members & staff to enjoy. This includes inhouses, tournaments, 3v3-6v6 fun, Cards Against Humanity, & of course, late night joy. [OPPO] has three current rosters that you may apply for, Team Lotus, Team Phoenix and a soon to be EU team. If you wish to apply or are simply interested, please visit our discord channel and post in the "looking_for_team" channel. Players trolling, looking for a casual team, or with poor attitude are greatly discouraged from applying to either team. Above all, we cannot stress enough that [OPPO] strives for success, we find value in quality over quantity. Motivation is the topping, while hard work, dedication, passion, and talent are what make up the cake. We are glad that you have read this and are considering our clan, hope to see you soon! -DISCORD- https://discordapp.com/invite/zZ96pdh -TWITTER- https://twitter.com/oppogaming?lang=en -FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/oppogamingcommunity/ -YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaVxIixQ3FBi9jIugceYeQ

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  • Karnii

      1 year ago

    Hi ProPlayers, Got a tournament on. A organised, professional event that has a prise pool https://battlefy.com/the-chaos-vanguard/%5Bcv%5D-overwatch-6v6-july-extravaganza-na/57117573ae54ed84122d6c86/info Battlenet : Karni#2928 Cheers!

  • iammacd

      1 year ago