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PlayStation 4

North America
United States

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support
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Looking for friendly players(18+) who are comfortable with play several heroes to play ranked matches and feel that they will benefit from a more organized team. not an MLG team by any means just looking to make a team that is competitive while having fun. MUST HAVE MIC!!! coment if interested

Wanted Heroes

Quigs has not set up his/her profile.


Quigs has not set up his/her profile.

Comments 9

  • Millermob313

      1 year ago

    I would love to join your team i need one bad and my gamertag is Millermob313 hit me up


      1 year ago

    I'm a sophomore in college looking to play competitive. I main tanks and support. I am looking to improve with a team. My PSN is NHPREDATORS. My email is

  • RJLayne13

      1 year ago

    Interested.. psn : RJLayne713 Mainly play soldier or reaper . Im not the worst zarya/lucio/junkrat though

  • ItsTumnus

      1 year ago

    its_tumnus is my psn looking to play/trial

  • LordE1323

      1 year ago

    If late night is what ya'll do im in. I live on the east coast and main bastion, mei, dva, reinhardt, lucio, and reaper. PSN is Lord_E_1323 i'll actually be on tonight streaming on twitch for a podcast at 9pm eastern time

  • lyokowarri0r

      1 year ago

    PSN name: lyokodefender. Play a wide set of heroes.

  • CricketHashBrown

      1 year ago

    We currently have three and need more. add CricketHashBrown I play Tank/Support most game(and usually out of necessity).

  • SleepyPrismo

      1 year ago

    I'm interested. PSN is SleepyPrismo. Feel free to shoot me a friend request

  • Wick3dVapor

      1 year ago

    im interested... i run zenyatta, junkrat and soldier here is a link to my stats Check out my stats and let me know if i can run with you guys My PSN is CigaretteFred