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United Kingdom

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DPS / Flex / Tank / Support
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Hey i'm Callum and I am a 3.2k genji main. If you want to join my OW community just join the discord We have around 150 members ranging from bronze to gm, even top 500! If you join please read the rules.

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  • Athena

      1 week ago

    Mercy main (Support mostly) looking for a gd team.

  • SaFi

      2 months ago

    Hello im a hog player fresh diamond last season i am looking aswell for ppl to play this game cause solo is f*ing boring

  • DeGameWereldRutger

      3 months ago

    Hi My name is DeGameWerekd (my acc got hacked so i got a weird name) And i am interested in playing with you guys i wanna progress more and see what i am really able to. Role:Off tank but i can go full tank as wel 13 yr Contact Me:XfGbFnZ#2463

  • raes84

      3 months ago

    Hey my nick is Raes. i mostly plain Junk but i'm able to play rein, mercy, d'va, reaper with some confort. i'm usually gold play and want to push rate while having fun and in a group. battle tag raes#2186

  • SirFairlie

      6 months ago

    I can play all tanks plus I would say a Mid Tier Support with zen and lucio and mercy, and I can play Reaper, 76 And McCree and I have a friend that is a support main SirFairlie#2282

  • HamList

      6 months ago

    Uhhh idk about a team/comp since our ranks are WAY too far apart, but I love the winston pic so much I'll mess around on QP with ya sometime lmao. Discord is HamList#0364

  • CoolRanch

      7 months ago

    I play dps/tank look for a team currently at around 2400-2500

  • PhatCucumber

      7 months ago

    Adding you, I main Reinhardt (Not the best but I'm getting better), I'm currently sitting at about 2000 SR PhatCucumber #1946

  • Mokaccino

      7 months ago

    im adding you mah man im at 2600 and do support / Tank Mokaccino#11169

  • Fledoolb

      7 months ago

    hey I would love to find some cool people to play with me, hmu fledoolb#11331

  • Martian

      7 months ago

    hey im 2952sr ad me ill play rein ana or soldier. bnet Martian#11551

  • TheClassyIRAQI

      8 months ago

    Joined your Discord, hope to play comp with ya!

  • agas

      9 months ago

    yo man we can play I have a friend and I'm currently plat

  • Pokemaster11

      9 months ago

    Hey I would like to join this team, But I need a little more SR. I will work on it

  • SlushyBee

      9 months ago

    im down to meme around, but also ready to kick ass in comp.

  • Slaughter12837

      9 months ago

    add my btag : slaughter#12837 Join Discord for a chat :