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Casual Gaming is a rapidly expanding gaming community centered on Overwatch. Most of our members are simply seeking escape from Solo queue, but we have members that enjoy quickplay, as well as, players looking to build teams. We don’t require a specific SR, level, character, or region. We just require that you join looking to play the game and interact with other gamers. We have 50+ members on at all times, several groups running during peak hours, and a good amount of streams going on a nightly basis. We are quickly approaching 800 members since starting up in late August and Admins are hard at work scheduling our second server tournament. If you’re interested and have questions add me on Battlenet at JEDX90#1711 or message me here. Those of you that want to join just use the invite link below *Disclaimers* If you add me on BNET please message me. This is a Clan/Community not a team.

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Comments 56

  • Datboi

      1 week ago   Player Post


  • chasesmith17

      1 week ago

    i added you hmu lol

  • ACreepyUncle

      2 weeks ago   Player Post

    Added you. Battle tag is ACreepyUncle#1128

  • liveonlight

      3 weeks ago

    top 500 season 1, Gold season 2, poor placement games this season though.Added you on - Steadyrise

  • JEDX90

      3 weeks ago   Team Post

    Anyone can join

  • Countrykhan

      3 weeks ago

    Can I join

  • cappercapsen

      3 weeks ago   Player Post

    Can i join?

  • Marshmillow

      1 month ago   Player Post

    Hi, im looking for a group of casual players to play with. I like to play Torb, Symmetra, Zenyatta, Mercy, Ana, Dva, Pharah, Junkrat, Sombra. Ready to get more involved in the community and learn from competive players. Tag= Marshmillow #1678

  • Kalinag

      1 month ago

    Hi, at last sesion i was gold, main: Junk,Zenyata,Rein,Genji,Torb, looking for team. Kalinag#2926


      1 month ago

    Hi, I main Support/DPS (Genji, Soldier, Mercy) and I was interested in joining your team. My season 2 high was 2249. Add me on my bnet ITSJOHNCENA #11998 or email me at [email protected]

  • Itshighnoot

      1 month ago   Player Post

    Im lookin' for a decent Low Diamond Team, off-dps and can be off-tank and off-support

  • RabbitBotGG

      1 month ago

    Im looking for a team just add me RabbitBot#2120 and see you on Team Speak :)

  • Holyman

      1 month ago   Player Post

    Down to have fun in some Quick Play, or get serious with Competitive. Versatile but my strengths are as followed=DPS>Flex>Tank>Supp. Comm's readily available and professional gaming backround as well as competitive scenes. Holyman#1297

  • freddy02554

      1 month ago

    I would enjoy joining, I am a pretty good support player, but I am also able to flex to dps and Tanks superfred9#1912

  • Plato

      1 month ago   Player Post

    Looking for friends to kick ass with. Plato#1841

  • Sharpie817

      1 month ago   Player Post

    I need a team.... Ill carry the team if I must... I just want the communication and being on the same page Sharpie817#1181

  • snowfall

      1 month ago   Player Post

    looking for a good team Zero#17912

  • Muffin

      1 month ago

    Would love to join! Mainly Mercy and Mei. I added you!

  • Squareinator

      1 month ago

    Hi, I would like to join. I currently have 50 hours and I man Lucio and Mercy. Gonna add you right now

  • Darman

      2 months ago   Player Post

    Added you on battlenet, love to be in with lots of fun players

  • Neevah

      2 months ago   Player Post

    added you on, let me know if interested

  • K4tt

      2 months ago   Player Post

    I would like to join. Added you on BNET

  • Heliioz

      2 months ago

    Would love to have a trial sometime, please get back with information :D. Tank/Healer

  • iLoveHentai

      2 months ago

    I sent a request Off-Reaper, Tracer, Pharah, Soldier Def- Junk, Mei, Tobjorn, Bastion Tanks- All of them Supports- Mercy

  • Epp

      2 months ago   Player Post

    Sent request. How long normally till an answer?


      2 months ago

    i would like to join i'm tank but can flex

  • sebholm

      2 months ago

    Im interested:) Off -Soldier/Mccreee Def - Hanzo/Junkrat Tank - Roadhog Supp - Ana Brumbas#2448

  • JEDX90

      3 months ago   Team Post

    Anyone is welcome Blue

  • Blue

      3 months ago

    I'm interested in joining the group .Considerable skill and awesome person Off - Soldier Def - Junk Tank - D.Va/Roadhog Supp - Mercy/Zenyatta

  • Yerrsh

      3 months ago

    Hello I would like to join your team I'm currently in Diamond I'm a well rounded player here are some of the roles I mostly play. Offensive: Mccree/Genji Defensive : Junkrat/Mei Tank: Reinhardt/Roadhog/Zarya Support: Mercy/Ana

  • wolvoline

      3 months ago

    Hi, I'm kinda new to the game only like 30 hours played, and I would like to find some people to play quick matches have some fun master heroes and level up together. Battletag: CursedRyuk#2960

  • Redderick

      3 months ago

    Sending Friend Request. Offensive - Soldier/Pharah Defensive - Mei/Hanzo Tank - D.Va/Roadhog Support - Ana/Zen

  • Azuresquall

      3 months ago   Player Post

    I'd like to join to avoid always solo queuing, will send request, Azuresquall#11424

  • Kojak

      3 months ago   Player Post

    yow Diamond player here add me if u want me to join ur team

  • Kyle3Hix

      3 months ago   Player Post   Team Post

    Hey hows it going? I've sent a friend request on, I am interested in joining your Discord Server!

  • MagicTurtle

      4 months ago   Player Post

    Sent friend request and I also have discord.

  • TheClassyIRAQI

      4 months ago

    ive sent you a friend request ,ive also got discord and im 15

  • Inky

      4 months ago   Player Post

    Sent a friend request! I've got Discord, too.

  • DoubleBlue

      4 months ago   Player Post   Team Post

    sent fr

  • Ruwaished

      4 months ago   Player Post

    Sent a friend request BNet Ruwaished#1717 already have discord waiting for your server

  • graphic2489

      4 months ago

    Sent request Junkrat, Soldier, Reaper, Zar, and Lucio mainly Tjorn here and there

  • ShadyRadio

      4 months ago   Player Post

    Sent request. Battletag is ShadyRadio#1199. I play Dva, Mercy, and Ana, and eventually Genji (nerf takes getting used to). I'm looking for a good group of six or at least some friends to queue competitive with, but quick play is okay too.

  • Gray

      4 months ago

    sent a request

  • Rainlafi

      4 months ago   Player Post

    interested add me Rainlafi#1261

  • AwesomeYoshi12

      4 months ago

    I would like to join group.

  • GimseBoy

      4 months ago   Player Post


  • GimseBoy

      4 months ago   Player Post

    [email protected] I mainly play zarya, mei, genji, mccree and roadhog

  • XrayTwoOne

      4 months ago

    Happy to team up with anyone, add me on BNET XrayTwoOne#1637

  • aeonui

      5 months ago   Player Post

    I'm down, I can play all heroes other than tracer and bastion.

  • HamRFuzZ

      5 months ago

    I'm interested

  • Magicka

      5 months ago

    Sending Friend Request.

  • midnightnova

      5 months ago   Player Post

    i'm interested in joining

  • letsbreakitdown

      5 months ago   Player Post   Team Post

    Sent request on bnet.

  • JEDX90

      5 months ago   Team Post

    Anyone is welcome

  • TheEnchilada

      5 months ago   Player Post

    Hey, I'll send you a friend request tomorrow and if we have a room I have a friend who is Willing to be apart of the group as well. I can switch between every role if needed , I'm flexible between everything but I excel with support and tanks.

  • Frosty

      5 months ago

    Sent request on BNET. Junk main who can play any hero except Zarya :p