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IF YOU HAVE AN SR 2000+ PLEASE READ. Hey there, my name is Benny and I am the founder of a brand new gaming organization Banned Gaming. I am looking to put together 3 teams. 1) Professional(Prime) 2) Semi-Pro (Elite) 3) Competitive(Diamond). I will fairly categorize each team by hosting a tournament with my partners at Matcherino with prizes and so forth. The Prime team will receive team jerseys for making it! Diamond and Elite team will have exclusive discord channels with their team to grow and bond as a family. They will also have opportunities to take the pro's spot if they wish. We will also have public chats for any other player looking to que up with great and friendly players! Please feel free to message me if you have anymore questions I can always be reached at Looking forward to seeing all of you in the tournament! RULES- 1) Non toxic is a must 2) must be constructive to your teammates 3) competitive attitude 4) must have a mic (if not, I have connections so we can figure it out) 5) willing to have an open schedule to Scrim, train, practice with your team. 6) Have FUN. remember it's a game and it's all about having fun. 7) Must be willing to play on US servers. 8) Must speak and understand English enough to communicate in game. 9) All ages are welcome as long as the maturity level is there. FOR PLAYERS WISHING TO CLIMB MUCH FASTER (READ BELOW)-- We now have enough players to where we have people constantly playing and active all hours of the day!! We have players ranging from an SR of 1600-3600 so please feel free to email/message me and I would love to invite you to the community. Look forward to hearing from you -Benny

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Comments 10

  • ShadowBandit

      4 months ago

    Email is out so hope to see yall in the tournament o7

  • BannedGaming

      4 months ago

    Anybody that leaves a message below, it'll probably take me awhile to see them :P shoot me an email and I'll almost respond immediately

  • Danusional

      5 months ago

    I am interested, I'm a genji main but i can play almost any hero.

  • Rageromer

      5 months ago

    3000 SR dps main very interested. I am very vocal so I think it could help with shot calls. Rageromer #1707

  • Mokaccino

      5 months ago

    hey dude ! i´m a Tank/Healer at 2600 super interested Mokaccino#11169

  • ChesPops

      5 months ago

    OHO. Looks interesting, would like to get involved. ChesPops#2761 GM support main hohoho

  • Multipass

      5 months ago

    MultiPass#11643 I am diamond rated and play different roles.

  • WolfCannon

      5 months ago

    Flex player LFT-6-stack CurrentSR2864 Careerhigh3750 Discord-KirbyCannon#2388 Btag-WolfCannon#11254

  • TTJinx

      5 months ago

    Hello, me and 4 other people are looking to transfer teams, we have 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 1 DPS player. If interested add me on Bnet TTJinx#1206.

  • waluigi12

      6 months ago