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Foresight Alliance is a Discord gaming community. We recenly opened an Overwatch Section and are looking for members to help the section grow. If you are looking for people to play with, apply now if you fit these requirements: - Be at least 16 years old. - Have a working microphone. - Have Discord installed or be willing to install it. We use Discord as our main source of communication, both voice and text chat. (If you have a speech or hearing impairment, join our Discord server and message a mod, -they will help you through your application process). - Must be able to understand and speak understandable English. Join us by following this link: Please bare in mind you have to be logged in to apply! Kind regards, Commander Binary Community Leader Section Leader (Overwatch)

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Comments 8

  • icyfox

      4 months ago


  • Fangirl

      4 months ago

    I'm a Ana main can play tank and i'm 17 years old and I have Discord and I'm in high gold soon Plat and my battletag is Fangirl#21234

  • CommBinary

      4 months ago

    for all of you that commented, we're a gaming community! NOT A TEAM! If you like to play with others for fun or comp! then join us!

  • Minininja

      4 months ago

    I'm a Mercy main and i'm 15 years old and I have Discord and Teamspeak can use both and I'm in high gold soon Plat and my battletag is Cheddar5K#2425 Thanks :D

  • ChesPops

      5 months ago

    So how do I join the discord now? I've joined the group.

  • DavidCohen

      5 months ago

    flex player , i'm looking for mates to play with -> currently mid-high plat , highrst was liek 3300 sR, lemme now if you need me !

  • jfpfriis

      5 months ago

    Zenyatta main since season 2, but can play all healers. Also training on Tracer at the moment. Current SR 3069, Season High 3190. Let me know if you have a team around the same SR. Add me to have a chat #Friis2457.

  • jacob99martin

      5 months ago

    Genji main while flexing to play dva junk widow rein and a few others, currently at 3600sr. message me if there is any space in a team or another member around the same sr.