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We're a team of friends who have played many games together. We have our own Mumble server and plenty of experience playing FPSs. We're looking for 3 or so more players. We played at around Legendary Eagle Master and above in CS:GO (plus one guy who was Global Elite) if that gives you an idea. We don't take ourselves very seriously though. We don't want anyone who's gonna come along and be a party pooper. Be good, but don't take yourself too seriously. We could use just about any role although tank and support are most in demand. If you're a DPS player, you need to be good and be able to play other roles. We don't intend to be super serious but we'd like to try out some tournaments.

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  • PolarUgle

      1 year ago

    i am verey intrested and i play to win and have fun. look in my profile for more info

  • Switchie

      1 year ago

    DMG in CS:GO, been playing FPS for over 20 years and still suck but I'm one hell of a healer, learned that playing in a top 5 EU WoW guild for 5 years ;p

  • AndO

      1 year ago

    Hello! I am interested, I have been playing a lot of Reinhardt and have gotten pretty good. I can also play other roles if that is needed. :D AndO#2213

  • Destiny

      1 year ago

    I would not say I'm a great player, but I am definitely looking to be one. I player mostly reaper or Pharah, although I also play Tracer or Zenyatta if necessary. If you are by any chance interested, my battle tag is Destiny#12184

  • DarkBlade

      1 year ago

    i would be a nice edtion in also play csgo overwatch and ocd on pc

  • Habeus

      1 year ago

    I'm interested! Happy to play any role, including support. Habues#1406

  • Masolu

      1 year ago

    Hi ! I am interested as well. I played LoL on a pretty high lvl (d1) and was dmg in csgo. Masolu#2392 Greetings

  • eamuk54

      1 year ago

    I'm really interested I mainly play reinhardt and lucio, but I can play at any roles. feel free to add me eamuk54#2359

  • Angel

      1 year ago

    I mainly play Support, but I can Tank as well. Hit me up Angel#22442

  • sambooka21

      1 year ago

    I mainly play tanks if you were interested? :) add me, sambooka21#2300

  • Riri

      1 year ago

    I'm interested, definitely! Feel free to drop me a message so we can talk whenever you have time! Riri#22135