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[PC] [EU] Looking for a Lucio Main Shot Caller to Join a Team around Diamond Level [3100 SR] We are one of four committed teams part of a gaming community that are running a serious internal overwatch league where we scrim against each other every Tuesday and Sundays in the evenings. We are looking for a Lucio main preferably to be a shot caller and if you are already good and Diamond level that is a bonus, but we are a very welcoming community and so are willing to train new players, as long as you have a good attitude and can commit to Sundays and Tuesdays 7pm to 10pm UK time (although we often finish before 10pm as it is a best of 3 scrims) and the first hour is for general practice before the ACTUAL scrims so we have a bit of leeway when it comes to scheduling. We then do other practices throughout the week as well as play competitive ladder together. We are currently 3 Diamond Players and 1 other High Platinum. The strengths of our Team are our DPS players with our Hitscan main being in Low Masters right now, so we are currently looking for a strong current or potential support players to match our team. Also looking for an Ana/Zen main. Our League awards points for winning and the grand finalists will receive small rewards for doing well, but we also loose points for not showing up and not taking it seriously so please be aware this is a serious team. The goal here is to create a strong 6 stack team that we can take into the competitive ladder and reliably climb with, maybe one day in the distant future we may even be able to compete professionally but we are also here to have fun :) We use TeamSpeak3. If you are interested please let me know your battletag and then contact You can also PM me and we can jump in game together if you want to, my battle tag is Azrael#24522

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  • Airop

      4 months ago

    Hey, I am interested :) Battletag: Airop#2682