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"Fun discord community for players who truly enjoy playing Overwatch." Thank you for stumbling upon our Team advertisement! Hammer Down is an Overwatch discord community seeking active and positive players. On our discord, we encourage players to meet and play with other players. Our discord is kept clean, safe, and friendly by the wonderful Moderators and Owner so everyone can have a great time playing with each other. We expect players to be optimistic and always strive for more SR whether it's with Hammer Down members or not. ~ On our discord, you are able to do various Overwatch related things like: • Forming your own Overwatch professional team. • Participating in weekly Overwatch tournaments. • Playing in daily skirmishes. • Hanging out with other players using our customized Voice Channels. • Helping each other get better in Competitive. And more... No minimum SR is required in order for you to join! What are you waiting for? Join now: https://discord.gg/cJS2tGH BE COMPETITIVE! :) https://hammerdownow.wixsite.com/hammerdown

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      1 month ago

    CODYHiGHROLLAH#1599 here, I am very interested in playing with this community. My Discord is CODYHiGHROLLAH. I look forward to playing with you guys!

  • MisterZapen

      1 month ago

    Hi do you have discord? My Battlenet is MisterZapen#1109

  • raes84

      3 months ago

    Hey my nick is Raes. i mostly plain Junk but i'm able to play rein, mercy, d'va, reaper with some confort. i'm usually gold play and want to push rate while having fun and in a group. battle tag raes#2186

  • Flippy234

      4 months ago

    My name is Tyler, but please call me Flippy, I main lucio, soldier, reaper, hanzo. Im interested in climbing ranks and having a respectful team. If I get mistreated I would care less to be in on the team. BattleTag is Flippy#11374

  • Vizion

      4 months ago

    HI! My name is Ian irl, and I main tracer, soldier, Doomfist, McCree, Roadhog and hanzo. I do very well in competitive, but lose because I am stuck with bad teams. My battle tag is Korbifam#1403. Thanks :)

  • Lunarsnake

      5 months ago

    Yo. My url name is Micah and I main junkrat and ana but I can easily flex as mercy and If need be I'll flex as dva. I'm interested in this group and would love to find out more as well as chat. My battle tag is Lunarsnake#1101. Thanks for your time

  • Minininja

      6 months ago

    Hey My name is Jamie irl and In overwatch i main mercy and soldier but can flex as tank ^^ I liked your post and if you wanna chat more add me on my battletag which is Cheddar5K#2425 Thanks ^^