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www.konvictgaming.com Are you tired of playing by yourself? Are you looking for a ranked 6 team? A duo queue partner, or just some people to play through a few quickplays after a hard day of work or at school? Look no further than Konvict Gaming! We host, events and Free Mentoring for all of our members. About our Overwatch section We have been active in the Overwatch community since early launch, all making use of our unlimited Teamspeak server. We have all sorts of players from the duoqueing tryhards trying to improve themselves, to the more casual Quick plays for fun people, and everything in between. Requirements:"> Be 16 or older Teamspeak and working microphone Be respectful of other individuals How do I join? Jump over to www.Konvictgaming.com Sign up Or Just check our discord and look around Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/WxTBwzC Events: We do plenty events with each custom game update we come out with new ideas also we are more than happy to hear your game mode . Event games are really nice to chill with other members and have a laugh. Mentoring: We offer free mentoring and coaching from our higher ranked players who want to teach the arcane mysteries of Overwatch to those looking to improve upon every aspect of their game. Our mentors focus on teaching essential skills like: Decision-making, Champion select choices, How to close out games. Some of our mentors even have experiences mentoring high level teams! Our mentors will always coach you the best they can to their ability for Free ! The Community and its history* Konvict gaming is a multi-gaming community with over 2,500 active gamers, spread over major titles such as: League of legends, Cs:GO, Hots, Final fantasy and more! Konvict gaming was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the biggest communities in Europe. But Konvict is more than just a place for Overwatchs we have other sections such as: League Of Legends CS:GO Heroes of the storm Diablo 3 World of Warcraft FFXIV The Division Minecraft Rocket League Simple as that, so get over to the site now! Post below if you have any questions, about the game or about the community, we are always happy to help and want to have an open discussion with people who would like to join in on the fun. // www.konvictgaming.com

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