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I have a team of 4 i need 2nd healer we have a Lucio main. Bnet LordEnoch. leave me your Bnet in the chat if your going Anonymous i cant message you back.

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NDEnoch has not set up his/her profile.

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  • GreedyChip

      1 day ago

    GreedyChip#1489 Mercy Main, also play DVA, Orsia, ana and zen


      6 days ago

    sr 2600 but highest was 3200. looking for a squad im a flex. add me ÑÀÑÏ#1668

  • kdiesel

      1 week ago

    Mercy main here but can play other things SR 3169 25 years old

  • TheHolyMackerel

      1 week ago

    Hey there I can play both flex tank and any healer as well. love to join you guys

  • ImmaGod11308

      1 week ago

    Hi, im a winston main, would you like some help with this problem?

  • DeGameWereldRutger

      2 weeks ago

    Hey man i am Rutger and i am a flex tank specialize in zarya and dva but the other tanks fit me really well 2 i am 13 years old but that doesnt mean i am sh1t or any meaning i am master for 2 seasons now and i am able to improve with a team XfGbFnZ:2463

  • PandaBearXTB

      2 weeks ago

    Hey, My name is Panda and I main Ana and Mercy. I could totally fill the spot for support! My Battle tag is Panda#18478

  • Srdt37

      1 month ago

    Hey im a flex dps/tank and i would like to join ur team.


      1 month ago

    I'm currently 2530ish - highest 2583 - looking for a team who can play together as I've only ever played single queue. Tor Bjorn/Lucio/Zenyata/D.VAQ Main Happy to balance any team out with any hero PSN NiggottyPig - add if you want to play

  • atrain

      2 months ago

    can i join diamond flex player

  • DiamondSlay

      3 months ago

    Yo dude i’m a Roadhog/Lucio main. I’m currantly using a smurf or Alt account in gold and It would be great to have another diamond player to group up with!

  • MoonxLightt

      3 months ago

    Im a mercy main

  • simpa0303

      3 months ago

    Edit: I also am really good at posisioning with lucio (that is really important

  • simpa0303

      3 months ago

    Edit: Im also a really really good lucio. I have a special controler and am often wallrunning at least 60% of the time Im defending or attacking objektives. Im also really good at changing betwen speed and health and Ive seen many people do that wrong.

  • simpa0303

      3 months ago

    Age: 15 year old Main: Lucio Zenyatta Orisa Mercy and Hanzo (I rather play support) Current rank: Deranked to platinum 2643sr Experiance: Ive played cod since mw2 and have good aim, cordiantion and am good at teamwork.

  • Dahammar

      3 months ago

    What SR are you looking for and how do we contact you.