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****Despite the comments below, we are still looking for new players**** Hi, my name is Anubis a former counter strike global elite, and me and three other of my friends are making an overwatch team! We need tanks, offense, defense, and support heroes, those who can play multiple positions will be preferred. We're also looking for people with great tactical and strategic minds (an in game leader will be decided once we have all the members), so be prepared to be hit with theoretical scenarios instead of just game play when trying out. So, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message, anyone and everyone who applies will have to tryout (please leave whatever form of application you think is necessary in your comment/message, we will be checking your profile bios and experience as a first form of our vetting process- so update those). Oh, and I almost forgot- communication is key, you must have a decent microphone and know how to use it, other tryout details will be given based on your application and bio. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll find a place in our team! A quick synapses(this is what we're looking for): -Any class, any age, any role -Must have a mic -must be able to commit to our team and its schedule(TBD) -must be able to take constructive criticism(we're all learning) -must be able to communicate -we are purely a competitive team and aspire to go pro(so don't apply if you only want to play casually) - no mains, overwatch is a strategic, team based game, which revolves around counters. If you main a character that limits our ability to be adaptable. -must be able to take part in gosugamer tournaments. - must live in the U.S, preferable in the EST time zone -positivity is key, through thick and thin, if we want to win this has to be a necessity. -Looking for a 6-12 person roster, good sportsmanship is a must. -A good, strategic mind If you have any questions or wish to try out, leave a comment, send me a message, or contact me at Anubis#1245

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Comments 26

  • Majora

      10 months ago

    Hey im a flex player add me Majora#1399

  • Patient0013

      1 year ago

    my gt is Patient0013 im fleixible and i have a mic

  • StickGoku

      1 year ago

    Hi. I'm a flex player and I have a friend who is a tank/support main. I'm stickgoku1#1507 I'd love to talk.

  • Truffelz

      1 year ago


  • Squigglez11210

      1 year ago

    I can play a killer Reinhardt and Dva. I can also play a pretty good lucio and soldier and am in the process of learning pharah and mccree. IF you want you can go heck out my stats here

  • DoubleBlue

      1 year ago

    hmu I play almost all characters but main mccree doubleblue#1319

  • AstroCat

      1 year ago

    AstroCat#11965. Best heroes: Mei, Torjborn, Dva. Competent as Symmetry & Zenyatta. LFG comp. that is devoted and works well together. I have experience as a strategist for a CS team. PST player post: Thank you

  • Continent

      1 year ago

    Hey. I'm a mid to high skilled Junkrat main. I also play genji, reinhardt, and zenyatta (in that order). Add me at Continent#11903 if you're interested.

  • Jimby

      1 year ago

    Flex Defense/Offense. I have 5 seasons of experience in competitive TF2. I'm free after 12pm EST. Not only do I take criticism well, I encourage honest feedback. I'm very dedicated to showing up to team events (scrims, matches, etc.) Jimby#11802

  • Overlander

      1 year ago

    Best on offense in a flanker-type role but pretty flexible when it comes to hero choice, being able to play tanks and support well. I'm available most nights and put a priority on communication and the objective. Overlander#11403

  • Octile

      1 year ago

    Check my player post:

  • IncandescentSky

      1 year ago

    Let me know more about your tryouts/schedules when you get that sorted!!

  • Kegadin

      1 year ago

    Interested in trying out. I mostly play support but can flex if needed. Kegadin#11496

  • Raichu

      1 year ago

    I Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Pharah/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Soldier) but I also like to play Zarya/Winston if a tank is necessary. Can support as well (usually lucio in a Mercy/Lucio comp). I'd love to try out!

  • blitzbolt

      1 year ago

    Blitzbolt#1790 Hello, I'm a fellow ex CSGO player (Was global in mm, played competitively for a few seasons). I'm a DPS player, can play all heroes needed for the role at a good level.

  • andyoclock

      1 year ago

    Andyoclock#1406 Offense/Flex Player I'm able to play pretty much at anytime and for countless hours. Would love to tryout and see how far the team can progress! ~ if youre interested in stats

  • Gorilla

      1 year ago

    Hey, I'm interested in playing for your team because i to would like to go pro..i am very mature for my age(15) and i can play mostly attack but can also play support and a defensive sniper

  • atyCari

      1 year ago

    [atyCari#1816] I can play mostly support, and will be more than happy to give you guys knowledge in the game. I main mostly support, but can play Junkrat and Soldier: 76.

  • deadlycheech

      1 year ago

    i can play 7 days a week best hero is mccree can also play reaper also occasionally rein and junkrat learning more to become more flexible and able to take constructive criticism message me at deadlycheech#1610 i already added u anubis

  • Orean

      1 year ago

    Hey, I would like try out for your team. I usually play offense or defense but, I can do support or tanks(wont be the best tank).I also have a decently flexible time schedule and I am always up for criticism! Orean#1109 ~Thanks

  • unuru

      1 year ago

    Looking for team. I'm a flex player. Strongest at McCree, Genji, and Hanzo. Will play flex supports (Lucio/Zenyatta) and flex tanks as well. Located in NA

  • doom

      1 year ago

    I Prefer offensive/defensive characters (Soldier/Mccree/Reaper/Widow/Junkrat/Tracer) but I also like to play Zarya/Roadhog if a tank is necessary. Can support as well but I'd rather play a damage dealer. I'd love to try out!

  • Anubis

      1 year ago

    Sent you a dm regarding tryout info

  • Krii

      1 year ago

    Hey, Interested in trying out. Mostly a Support/Defense player, always willing to learn and fill roles and a flexible schedule.

  • Anubis

      1 year ago

    Sent you a dm with tryout times. You sound like you'd be a great fit for our team!

  • Dawtm

      1 year ago

    Hello, I believe I can be what your looking for in a player, as I meet everything listed. Im pretty flexible with times, but id like to get an idea of your schedule whenever. I mostly try to play support, too. Thanks! Dawtm#11897