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Enjoy 6-stack competitive? Looking to make some new friends? At the start of Season 6, I started a 6-stack competitive team, and since then, have had very good games together. I, personally, went from an unfortunate low of ~2650SR to a career high of 3410SR. Currently, we have 7 players that play Overwatch Competitive, and I'm looking to open up a few more slots for more people to come along, start separate teams, fill in for those when they're away, etc! Made some good friends through this, I'm hoping to keep that train rolling. Team PP is looking for people who are: -3000SR: since some of our players are in masters, we need to keep in an approximate SR. -Specialised: you've got a core set of heroes you play and are confident with but are happy to flex between them -Positive: we've had issues in the past with people affecting team morale, so positivity goes a long way! -Down for a laugh: don't need to be a comedian, but as long as you're not quick to offense or take things too personally, you'll fit in! -Communicators: good communication in game, and in response to 6-stack requests is vital! It's not a large team, a professional one, or an extremely serious one- we balance competitive and casual quite well. If you fit the description and like the sounds of it, drop your B-Tag, your SR and what heroes you play in the comments!

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  • Stuart

      4 months ago

    Support player, s2 4034 (top 500), s3 4017, im back in s7 after break. now rank between 3200 - 3600. Played with few teams, 2nd place in ESL November 2k16 Poland (mid team), 4th place in Razer Arena Cup (high team). Stuart#22932

  • DeGameWereldRutger

      4 months ago

    Hi My name is DeGameWerekd my acc got hacked so i got a weird name And i am interested in playing with you guys i wanna progress more and see what i am really able to. Role:Off tank but i can go full tank as wel 13 yr Contact Me:XfGbFnZ#2463 sr3100

  • igreja94

      4 months ago

    Hey there. I'm Lucky7uP#2478. I'm down with joining you guys. I'm a 3.1k SR Mercy main, and can play also Lucio, Reinahrdt, Winston and Zarya from your list. Also can flex on DPS with Reaper, S76, and McCree. Hit me up ;)