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Hi we are Supreme. We are looking for players for our Overwatch Team. We need tanks, offense, defense, and support heroes, those who can play multiple positions will be preferred. We're also looking for people with great tactical and strategic minds (an in game leader will be decided once we have all the members), so be prepared to be hit with theoretical scenarios instead of just game play when trying out. We are also looking for players between 2300 sr and 2800 sr.So, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message, anyone and everyone who applies will have to tryout (please leave whatever form of application you think is necessary in your comment/message, we will be checking your profile bios and experience as a first form of our vetting process- so update those). Oh, and I almost forgot- communication is key, you must have a decent microphone and know how to use it, other tryout details will be given based on your application and bio. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll find a place in our team! A quick synapses(this is what we're looking for): -Any class, any age, any role -Must have a mic -must be able to commit to our team and its schedule(TBD) -must be able to take constructive criticism(we're all learning) -must be able to communicate -we are purely a competitive team and aspire to go pro(so don't apply if you only want to play casually) - no mains, overwatch is a strategic, team based game, which revolves around counters. If you main a character that limits our ability to be adaptable. -must be able to take part in gosugamer tournaments. - must live in the U.S. -positivity is key, through thick and thin, if we want to win this has to be a necessity. -A good, strategic mind. Add me on Battle Net and ill talk to you from there xAndrewS#1899

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  • Frootz

      2 days ago

    Added you on Battlenet to talk about possibly joining!